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Kim Hee-jung, tube top volume + tight thighs… “I want to hug you”

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Actor Kim Hee-jung Instagram capture © News 1

Actress Kim Hee-jung showed off her strong and slender uppercase S-line body.

On the 28th, actress Kim Hee-jung left a ‘heart’ mark along with a picture of herself through her SMS.

In the photo, Kim Hee-jung is posing in a tight sportswear that shows off her healthy thighs along with her unique glamorous tube top.

Her signature S-line body, combined with her unique sportiness and flawless sportiness cultivated through exercise, was enough to win the envy of those who watched.

In addition, her small face on the verge of extinction and her confident and fascinated eyes further accentuated her dignified charm.

Netizens who saw this responded enthusiastically, saying, “You are always pretty”, “Oh my god”, “I love you from head to toe”, “You are so beautiful”, and “I want to hug you”.

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-jung made her debut in the KBS drama ‘Tap’ in 2000. He appeared as Kim Hae-young in the tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Touch Your Heart’, which ended in March.

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