Kim Hee-ra Lim Ji-yeon X Yeom Hye-ran and Baeksang behind-the-scenes cut released

(Photo = SNS Heera Kim)
(Photo = SNS Heera Kim)

On the 30th, actress Kim Heer-ra reported on her current situation. On the 30th, Kim Hee-ra wrote, “I was honored to be able to go to Baeksang. It’s exciting to be nominated for a newcomer in my mid-30s.” featuring Heera Kim exudes chic yet sexy charm with a waist-baring black dress and short blonde hair.

(Photo = SNS Heera Kim)

In addition, Kim Hee-ra brought smiles to the viewers by revealing her adorable appearance with Lim Ji-yeon and Yum Hye-ran. Meanwhile, Kim Hee-ra played the role of Isara in Part 2 of the recently released Netflix original series ‘The Glory’ and performed intensely.Cha Hye-young Reporter Ten Asia

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