Kim Ho-joong, will collaboration with American pop star end… Agency “currently discussing”

Singer Kim Ho-joong’s April concert in the United States is currently being discussed. mental entertainment

Singer Kim Ho-joong is discussing holding a concert in the United States in April.

On the 2nd, the agency, Thought Entertainment, said, “We are currently discussing Kim Ho-joong’s April performance in New York and LA, USA.”

As Kim Ho-jung was active in the world of trot and vocal music, including a duet with the top three tenors in the world Placido Domingo last year, requests for performances came in from the United States. Thanks to the love call, Kim Ho-joong is discussing holding the United States performance in April, and is receiving enthusiastic attention from global fans beyond Korea.

While a lot of attention is also being paid to Kim Ho-joong’s performance in the USA, who showed tremendous ticket power by holding the national tour ‘Aristra’ earlier, it is known that Kim Ho-joong is discussing a collaboration with a star American pop.

Kim Ho-jung, who recently won the top prize at the ’32nd Seoul Music Awards’ and opened the door in 2023, is curious whether a collaboration with a pop star will be confirmed following the US performance, while Kim Ho-jung still. classical concert in Korea in March going to do

Following the second half of 2022, Kim Ho-joong, who also anticipates active activities in 2023, will appear at the ‘2022 Hanteo Music Awards 30th Anniversary’ held at the Jamsil Indoor Gym on the 10th and 11th before holding classical concert.

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