Kim Ho-jung, holding a genuine ‘classical concert’ in March… Large scale notice

Singer Kim Ho-joong will hold a classical concert.
According to his agency, Thought Entertainment, on the 14th, Kim Ho-joong is expected to hold a classical concert at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in March and breathe close with his fans once again.

In this classical concert, not only Kim Ho-joong’s heavy voice, but also the orchestra will participate to show a magnificent scale. It seems that the perfect collaboration between Kim Ho-joong and the orchestra is creating a great impression on the audience.

After being discharged from the army last year, Kim Ho-joong released his 2nd regular classical album ‘PANORAMA’ and continued to show his passion for classical music, such as performing a duet with the world’s top 3 tenors, Placido Domingo. In addition, from September 2022, the first national tour concert ‘Aristra’ was held, and completed a full-time performance crossing genres such as trot, pop, and classical music.

iMBC Hyeyoung Kim | Photo courtesy: Thought Entertainment

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