Kim Ho-young, Son Dam-bi, So Yi-hyeon, Brazilian waxing experience in the story of a man saying that his girlfriend is forcing him to wax


iHQ ‘My sister is shooting!’

Musical actor Ho-Young Kim revealed his Brazilian waxing experience.

Kim Ho-young appeared as a guest on the IHQ entertainment program ‘My sister shoots!’ broadcast on the 30th.

On this day, Ho-Young Kim introduced himself, saying, “He is good at counseling for concerns.” In response, the MCs shared with Kim Ho-young the concerns of the viewers that they had received in advance.

First, there was a story of a man saying that his girlfriend forced him to wax. Kim Ho-young said, “Actually, there are things that are rejected because of shame at first.” “There are different types of Brazilian waxing. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.”


iHQ ‘My sister is shooting!’

Son Dam-bi asked if he had done it, and Kim Ho-young honestly said, “I did it two days ago.” To this, Son Dam-bi confessed, “I am a person who does it,” and So Yi-hyun also said, “I do it too.” Ahn Young-mi was the only person who didn’t wax.

To the reaction of Son Dam-bi and Kim Ho-young that they cleaned it completely, So Yi-hyun said, “It’s not me. Only the bikini line,” he said, bringing laughter.

Ho-young Kim advised, “From the beginning, it can be very difficult, so why not compromise to the extent of thinning it?” So Yi-hyun said, “It can be shameful to show it to others, so how about having your girlfriend learn it yourself?” Ahn Young-mi, who heard this, disapproved, saying, “If you are not an expert, you will lose your flesh.”

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