Kim Hye-young, the ‘No. 1 Actress to Defect’, Opens Up About Her Three Divorces

‘No. 1 Actress to Defect’ Kim Hye-young Opens Up about Her Three Divorces

Seoul – Kim Hye-young, renowned as the ‘No. 1 actress to defect’, candidly recounts the details of her three failed marriages.

On October 1, during KBS 1TV’s ‘Park Won-sook’s Let’s Live Together’, Kim Hye-young responded to questions about her tumultuous marital history, stating, “I’ve been down that road three times.” In a lighthearted moment, she playfully referred to the single Ahn Moon-sook as her “junior in marriage.”

Notably, Kim Hye-young, who has experienced the highs and lows of three divorces, captivates viewers as she openly discusses everything from her initial encounters with her ex-husbands to the reasons behind their subsequent breakups.

Following her first failed marriage in 1999, Kim Hye-young achieved great success, rising to fame through appearances in various dramas and commercials. During the broadcast, she reminisces about the demanding times when she received numerous love calls from television programs, juggling a packed schedule without even adequate sleeping hours. At the height of her popularity, she commanded a staggering sum of hundreds of millions of dollars in appearance fees for endorsements.

During that period, Kim Hye-young attempted to venture into the restaurant business, envisioning a unique dining experience integrating live performances, on Jeju Island. However, her endeavors faced setbacks on two occasions, as she was compelled to shut down the establishments due to fraudulent activities.

The production team teasingly hints at an unexpected twist in Kim Hye-young’s life journey, as her father apparently played an integral role in her life during those trying times. The true nature of her father’s involvement will be unveiled during the broadcast.

‘Let’s live together’ Kim Hye-young. /Photo = Provided by KBS 1TV

【Seoul = Seoul News Agency】 Reporter Song Gyeong-shin = Kim Hye-young, known as ‘No. 1 actress to defect’, tells the story of her three divorces.

According to KBS on the 28th, Kim Hye-young answers about her history of marriage and divorce by saying, “I’ve been there three times” on KBS 1TV’s ‘Park Won-sook’s Let’s Live Together’, which airs at 9 am on October 1. In particular, he jokingly told Ahn Moon-sook, who was single, “I’m your eldest in marriage.”

Kim Hye-young, who has been married and divorced three times, attracts attention as she honestly admits everything from meeting her ex-husbands to the story of her marriage and divorce.

Kim Hye-young failed in 1999. After that, she made her debut in the news and enjoyed her peak by appearing in various dramas and commercials. In this broadcast, Kim Hye-young recalled the time when she received love calls from various broadcasts and had to keep up with her schedule without even having time to sleep. In addition, he was said to receive hundreds of millions of dollars in CF appearance fees due to his growing popularity at the time.

At that time, Kim Hye-young tried to open a theater-style restaurant where you could watch a performance while eating and restaurant business on Jeju Island, but failed twice, saying she had no choice but to shut down the business as she was kicked out for fraud both times.

The production team said, “At this time, Kim Hye-young’s father reached out to her. Kim Hye-young said that her father had prepared something in advance without her knowledge. “What Kim Hye-young’s father has prepared will be revealed on air,” he predicted.

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