Kim Ji-hyung, leaving the Samsung Compliance Committee, “The committee is a vaccine… Let’s keep healthy tensions.”

Kim Ji-hyeong, chairman of the Samsung Compliance Committee, delivered a message of concluding the first term with a year-end address on the 30th, about a month before his term of office. He compared the committee to a ‘vaccine to protect health’ and left a wish that it would continue to play its original role independently in the new year.

In his year-end address posted on the Samsung Compliance Committee website that day, Chairman Kim said, “The word that condenses the relationship between the committee and the company is ‘healthy tension’.” “The committee is like a vaccine. It may hurt and you may not like it, but it is better to fit it for your health.”

He also revealed his feelings about leading the first committee for about two years since he was appointed as the first chairman of the compliance committee in January last year. In particular, regarding the announcement made by Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong to the public in May of last year, he said, “The purpose was to accept the committee’s recommendations and lead the establishment of a law-abiding culture ahead of anyone else. told

Regarding the sentencing hearing earlier this year, he recalled, “I don’t think I will easily forget the fact that I read the verdict one word at a time several times, looked back at the committee once more, and reconsidered the committee’s responsibilities.”

Chairman Kim finished his term in early February and will hand over the chair to Attorney Chan-hee Lee. Chairman Kim said, “I think the company has hired a good person,” he said.

At the end of his year-end address, Chairman Kim said, “I hope that Samsung will shine as a bigger star in the world for a long time as a healthy company. requested

The 1st compliance committee has set ‘management succession’, ‘union’, and ‘civil society communication’ as its three major compliance agendas, and has been recommending Samsung’s compliance management monitoring activities and follow-up measures. As a result, Vice Chairman Lee announced an apology to the public, declared the abolition of non-union management, apologized for unauthorized access to details of employee sponsorship by civic groups, and interviewed civic groups such as the Samsung Victims’ Joint Struggle.

Reporter Kwak Do-young


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