Kim Jimin looks like a monster, cider reacts to demeaning appearance

Comedian Kim Ji-min resolutely responded to a post that devalued her appearance.

On the 3rd, Kim Ji-min posted on Instagram on the 3rd, “I searched for a name after a while, but people who have heard that I look like me must be offended” and uploaded a captured photo of a portal site post.

The post reads, “You said you look like Kim Ji-min, I feel so bad.” The author said, “I hear a lot of people saying that I look like Jimin Kim, but hearing that word makes me feel so bad. Why do they say that I look like Jimin Kim out of so many celebrities? Kim Jimin looks so ugly and strange, but honestly, I only hear the thought that he looks like a monster.” said

Kim Ji-min revealed this and responded, “Cheer up! Life won’t be bad if you look like me.”

Kim Ji-min is currently appearing on iHQ’s ‘Upgle Sister’.



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