Kim Jong-guk “My parents’ only property, Anyang house scheduled to be redeveloped, with my older brother who is a doctor”

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Singer Kim Jong-guk visited Anyang neighborhood where he and his mother lived as a child and was immersed in memories, mentioning Anyang House, which is scheduled to be redeveloped.

On the recently released YouTube channel Jim Jong-guk, the episode ‘GYM Final Begins…’ was released, showing Kim Jong-guk looking back on the past with his mother.

On this day, Kim Jong-guk said, “I will find my roots after a long time and go to my old house in Anyang.” He said, “(Due to the suspicion of ‘Luider’) the results of the doping test may be a little delayed, but I will tell you the story of how I can make up for this, and I will tell you the story of starting the gym in Anyang, and I will tell you the memories of Anyang.”

He continued, “It’s been a difficult few weeks, but I’m trying to raise my energy and find a little bit of initial focus.

Kim Jong-guk said, “I’ve never dealt with (anyang house on TV),” and “I went to ‘Running Man’ when I was young, so I didn’t have money, so I didn’t have a regular home. I didn’t have pocket money. It was of great value,” he said, falling into memories.

He said, “My father was very strong, and he wore bonded shoes until the third year of high school.” He said, “I had a part-time job twice going to the construction site. They gave me 10,000 won, and I made a lot of money,” he recalled.

Kim Jong-kook revealed that he had prepared to become a singer amid opposition from his parents. He said, “I wrote a memorandum, I tried to prepare for six months and if it didn’t work, I decided to prepare for a disaster right away. My mother still tells me, but I was scammed somewhere.

He also announced the fact that he made his turbo debut in the old town of Anyang and started fitness at an old gym located on the first floor of an old building. Then Kim Jong-kook’s mother joined.

The two arrived in front of the house where they lived together in Anyang. Kim Jong-guk introduced, “This house has been redeveloped and is the only property of my mother and father.” My mother said, “You guys grew up well there because you have a good home,” but Kim Jong-guk, referring to his older brother, who is a doctor, said, “Are you giving that one older brother, that house?”

At this, the mother smiled, saying, “You decided to do that,” and Kim Jong-guk jokingly asked again what he didn’t have. At the mother’s words, “You are now our Bisan-dong house,” Kim Jong-guk said, “That’s the house I bought, it’s my Donnae Mountain,” and once again made everyone laugh.

On the other hand, Kim Jong-kook was recently perplexed by the ‘Luider suspicion’ (a person who grows muscle with drugs) raised by Canadian health trainer YouTuber Greg Dussett. In response, Kim Jong-guk said in a comment on his YouTube channel, “Only with steady effort and mental strength, the male hormone 9.24 at the age of 46! , I guess this was a big deal,” and indirectly denied Greg Dussett’s claim.

However, even after that, Greg Dussett said, “Kim Jong-guk’s testosterone levels are abnormal.” In the end, Kim Jong-guk appeared with lawyer Park Min-cheol of a large law firm and gave a final warning to Greg Dussett, saying, “I intend to at least give him a chance to apologize as a person and make a clean decision for himself. Once the results of doping come out and finish, we will unconditionally finish the content.” He also announced that he would take legal action against ‘malicious commenters’.

Afterwards, Greg Dussett uploaded a video and withdrew his claim, “I will take down the videos about Kim Jong Kook claiming that his body was not made naturally, he probably has a natural body.”

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