Kim Jong-guk’s parents, his older brother, who is a doctor at Anyang redevelopment apartment

Singer Kim Jong-guk has become a hot topic by mentioning the Anyang redevelopment house. (Photo = Kim Jong-kook YouTube capture)

Singer Kim Jong-guk (45) has become a hot topic by mentioning the house in Anyang, which is scheduled to be redeveloped.

On the 25th, on the YouTube channel GYM JONG KOOK, ‘GYM Final Begins…’ was released. Kim Jong-kook appeared together with his mother.

On this day, Kim Jong-guk said, “I want to find my roots after a long time and visit the Anyang house where I used to live. To reminisce and heal.”

He continued, “They say that the memories will disappear because of the redevelopment.” “The story and various memories of going to Anyang for fear that the results of the doping test (which was conducted earlier due to the ‘Luyder suspicion’ raised by an overseas YouTuber) would be delayed. We will deliver it to you,” he explained.

He said, “I’ve been there while filming Running Man. When I was young, I didn’t have any money, so I didn’t have a regular home…” “I didn’t have pocket money and I used to tell my parents when I had to pay for school. The value of money was so great.” recalled.

Then, Kim Jong-guk’s mother appeared. Kim Jong-guk’s mother and son visited Anyang’s house together and recalled the memories.

He introduced, “This house is now being redeveloped. It is the only property of my mother and father.” His mother looked around the house and said, “You guys have grown up well because the ground is good.”

Referring to his older brother, who is a doctor, Kim Jong-guk asked, “Is this house for you?” Kim Jong-guk’s mother replied, “You decided to do that,” and “You are now our Bisan-dong house.” Kim Jong-guk responded to his mother’s words and said, “I bought it. It’s my money,” causing laughter.

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