Kim Jong-kook Promises Cameo Appearance in ‘Hyosim’s Life, Each Life’ Drama

KBS2TV’s ‘The Rooftop Son’ welcomed special guest Kim Jong-kook, known for being the singer of ‘Problem Son of the Rooftop,’ who made a promise to appear in the drama. Kim Jong-kook made his appearance on the episode that aired on the 13th, where the new main characters Yui and Ha Jun from KBS2TV’s upcoming weekend drama ‘Hyosim’s Life, Each Life’ were introduced.

During the show, Yui showcased her slender figure and humbly shared, “In the drama, I play the role of a coach. So instead of losing weight, I focused on gaining muscle.” Her remark caught Kim Jong-kook’s attention. He complimented her, saying, “Uee was originally quite healthy. I was worried when I saw her losing so much weight, but now she looks healthier.” Uee, impressed by Kim Jong-kook’s observation, admitted, “As a former athlete, talking about muscles doesn’t scare me, but being in front of Kim Jong-kook made me realize it.” Responding to this, Kim Jong-kook humorously suggested, “I’ll make a cameo as someone who can’t exercise” if the drama’s viewer ratings exceed 30%.

In related news, the KBS2TV entertainment show also featured a broadcast on the popular ‘Problem Son of the Rooftop.’ This exciting episode left the audience eagerly anticipating Kim Jong-kook’s cameo appearance in ‘The Rooftop Son.’

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[OSEN=오세진 기자] ‘Problem Son of the Rooftop’ singer, Kim Jong-kook, promised a cameo appearance in the drama.

In the KBS2TV entertainment show ‘The Problem Son of the Rooftop’ (hereafter referred to as ‘The Rooftop Son’), which aired on the 13th, Yui and Ha Jun, the new main characters of KBS2TV’s new weekend drama ‘Hyosim’s Life, Each Life’, it appeared.

Yui showed off her slender figure for the first time in a while, but humbly said, “I’m playing the role of a coach in the drama. So, instead of losing weight, I gained muscle,” he said, before catching Kim Jong-kook’s attention.

Kim Jong-kook said, “Originally, Uee was relatively healthy. “I was worried because I lost so much weight in the middle, but I feel healthier now,” she praised. Uee then said, “Actually, I used to be an athlete, so I don’t feel scared when I talk about my muscles, but in front of Kim Jong-kook, I noticed it without even realizing that.” He added, “ Do you have any plans to make a cameo in our drama? “If the viewer rating is more than 30%, you will appear as a cameo in the drama.”

In response, Kim Jong-guk made people laugh by saying, “I’ll go out as a guy who can’t exercise.”/

[사진] KBS2TV entertainment screen broadcast ‘Problem Son of the Rooftop’

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