Kim Jong-un accompanies his second daughter in a public event… Comprehensive strengthening of nuclear war deterrence

Commemorative photo with contributors to ICBM ‘Hwasong-17’… North Korea calls “noble son”
Jang Chang-ha and Kim Jung-sik were promoted to generals for contributions to development… Pledge to “spur the electrification of strategic tactical missiles”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, along with his second daughter, took a commemorative photo with those who participated in the launch of the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) ‘Hwasong-17’ on the 18th and evaluated their efforts.

Chairman Kim said nuclear war deterrence should be expanded and strengthened quickly, and North Korea referred to the second daughter as a “noble son”.

The Korean Central News Agency reported on the 27th that “Respected Comrade Kim Jong-un took a commemorative photo with members who contributed to the successful test of the Hwasongpo-17 intercontinental ballistic missile.”

In this commemorative photo shoot, the news agency said, “The respected Secretary General came to the filming site with his noble children.”

Chairman Kim appeared again holding hands with his second daughter, who was first revealed at the ICBM launch site on the 18th.

He told the attendees, “Our Hwaseongpo-17 model, which was born with the unconditional support and encouragement of the people, is clearly a huge creation that our people embrace with their own strength, a great substance of strategic power , and the Hwaseongpo of the Korean people in name and reality.” “We must never be complacent about the achievements we have made, and we must consolidate our superpower, which we hold firmly in our hands, into something more absolute and more irrevocable , and continue to accelerate towards the infinity of strengthening our national defense power, which has no limits,” he said.

“Our defense scientists and engineers, who have always been endlessly loyal to their own achievements, and the military working class, do not forget for a moment their heavy sense of duty on the road ahead to achieve the feat of building a national nuclear force. , and will give them unconditional support,” said Kim. He expressed his expectation and conviction that the country’s nuclear war deterrence will be expanded and strengthened at an unusually fast pace by fighting desperately with the spirit of action,” the news agency reported.

The KCNA evaluated the ICBM launched this time as “a huge crystal of pure fidelity, extraordinary mental strength, and excellent science and technology” and praised the contributors “by launching it proudly in front of the world, convincing us of our growing military strength and our technology. They hailed them as reliable defense warriors who forcefully demonstrated the immense power of nuclear war deterrence and pile-up in all directions.”

Scientists, technicians, workers, and officers (operators) of the missile division of the Defense Academy said in a letter of resolution (pledge) to Chairman Kim, “Even if my bones are broken and reduced to powder, I will fight bravely forever. my dear Comrade Secretary General.” We will vigorously increase the use of missiles and confirm the arsenal of the Baekdusan Revolutionary Industry in terms of quality.”

“With the momentum that the global sphere gave in the target, we will successively develop and succeed in developing new advanced weapons announced by our Party, protecting the absolute authority of the General Secretary and our Party in all way, and realizes perfectly. the strategic plan of the Central Committee of the Party.” he said.

Kim Jong-un accompanies his second daughter to public events...

Meanwhile, North Korea has begun mobilizing the military by raising the ranks of the military personnel who contributed to the development and launch of the Hwasong-17.

The Korean Central News Agency reported on the order of Kim Jong-un, chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea, “highly appreciating the pioneering contributions of leading executives and scientists in the field of defense science research in the name of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the government of the Republic of Korea and ordered them to have military titles.”

Accordingly, 2 captains, 1 certificate (3 stars), 2 lieutenant generals (2 stars), 9 major generals (1 star), 19 lieutenants, 44 senior lieutenants, 18 lieutenants, 3 minors, 6 captains Promotion was carried out on large scale out, such as 1 person, 1 person in the top rank, and 1 person in the middle rank.

Among them, previously enlisted Jang Chang-ha and Kim Jung-sik, vice minister of the Korean Workers’ Party’s arms industry department, were promoted to generals.

In addition, the Standing Committee of the Supreme People’s Assembly of North Korea announced the day before the decree to award the title of hero, gold star medal, and first class national flag medal to ‘Vehicle No. 321’, the Hwasong-17 mobile launch vehicle (TEL).

The Standing Committee of the Supreme People’s Assembly awarded TEL the title of hero in recognition of its contribution to “clearly show before the world that it is a real nuclear power capable of resisting the nuclear hegemony of the US imperialists and showing the greatness of the country possessing the missiles strongest intercontinental ballistic missile for the entire world.” was told

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