Kim Jong-un appears in the US Strategic Command promotional video… “Ready for the North Korean Threat”

Kim Jong-un, chairman of the North Korean State Council, who appeared in the US Strategic Command promotional video.

The US Strategic Command’s official promotional video featured North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

According to RFA (Free Asia Broadcasting) on ​​the 24th, the U.S. Strategic Command released a 1-minute and 32-second promotional video titled’New U.S. Strategic Command Video’ on the YouTube official account on the 20th.

In the video, the Strategic Command said, “Ready Today, Ready Tomorrow”, emphasizing that all soldiers are always ready.

The video featured Chinese People’s Liberation Army officers, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Chairman Kim in turn. In particular, Chairman Kim was shown to salute while being examined by North Korean soldiers at the 105th anniversary of President Kim Il-sung’s birthday (Sunday) on April 15, 2017. In the video, Strategic Commander Charles Richard said, “Every soldier in Strategic Command is always ready. Peace is the mission of our strategic command.” The video contained footage of the launch of the US nuclear-propelled submarine and the submarine launch ballistic missile (SLBM)’Trident 2′, as well as the flight of stealth bomber B-2 and strategic bomber B-52. In addition, the high-altitude missile defense system (THAAD) is also included in the missile defense.

Previously, the Strategic Command posted a photo of North Korea’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) and Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) on Twitter on the 28th of last month, indicating that this is a threat to the United States.

(Seoul = News 1)

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