kim jong un weight loss: cheese and alcohol are not available; Lean Kim Jong Un, experts with new arguments – new controversy on north korean leader kim jong un’s weight loss


  • Kim Jong Un talks about losing weight again.
  • One group attributed Kim Melian to Kovid restrictions.
  • Argument that Kim is not getting her favorite foods.

PYONGYANG: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has reportedly lost weight after tightening Kovid-19 restrictions. Kim, who has not appeared in front of the media for a long time, attended a public event months ago. Kim, who has a fat body, weighed less than 18 kg and came in a slim figure. With this, the discussions regarding Kim’s new slim look started.

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Although it was initially reported that Kim was thin due to health issues, now the foreign media is sharing different information. With the tightening of the Kovid-19 control, it is now being said that the reason for the slim figure is that the food lover Kim did not get the favorite foods.

North Korea has closed border areas due to strict restrictions on Kovid. With this, the availability of Swiss cheese, junk foods and alcohol, which were included in Kim’s regular diet, was reduced, he said. Metro reported that Sojin Lim had clarified. “Kim, who regularly eats cheese, is also a heavy drinker and eats all kinds of junk food.

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North Korea is facing severe food shortages due to the floods and droughts that followed the Kovid outbreak. The closure of the border with China has also exacerbated food shortages. Kim, a senior lecturer at the International Institute of Korean Studies at the University of Central Lancashire, said he thought it might make sense for him to be in front of people in a fat state at a time when people are struggling for food. Said Lim. Lim added that he must have believed that maintaining a lean body would eliminate opposition from people.

Discussions about Kim’s health began after he was interviewed on a private channel last year. In an interview broadcast by state broadcaster KRT, he was found to be lean and underweight. The issue’s end has the recaptured North Korea in the spotlight again. Many reacted with great disappointment.

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Concerns have been raised in North Korea over whether Kim’s slim body may have been infected following the release of his picture. Kim’s family, known for their alcohol and smoking habits, has a history of heart problems. Kim’s father and grandfather died of heart disease. There is also speculation that Kim’s overweight may have increased her risk of heart disease. The international media had previously reported that Kim was suffering from similar serious problems.

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