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[Epoch Times, June 6, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Zhang Ting comprehensive report) The whereabouts of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has always attracted attention from the outside world. According to a report by North Korean state media on Saturday (June 5), Kim Jong-un appeared at the Politburo meeting of the Workers’ Party of Korea after disappearing from the public for about a month.

This is also the first time Kim Jong-un has appeared since the heads of state of the United States and South Korea held face-to-face talks in Washington in May, but this time Kim Jong-un did not release any information to South Korea or the United States.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on Saturday that the first Politburo meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea was held on the 4th at the headquarters building of the Workers’ Party Central Committee. The chairman of the State Council of Korea Kim Jong-un chaired the meeting. This is the first time that Kim Jong Un has participated in a public event in nearly a month.

Kim Jong-un, wearing a black tunic suit, said that it is time to take “additional national measures to solve urgently needed problems in economic work and people’s lives.”

KCNA stated that Kim Jong-un also reviewed the implementation of major policy tasks in different fields at the meeting.

After the North Korean economy has experienced its worst contraction in decades, there are few signs of growth this year.

On Thursday (June 3), the Korea Development Institute stated, “It is certain that North Korea is experiencing a food crisis and many families are facing malnutrition or undernourishment.” The agency also said that North Koreans are selling the only ones. Materials in exchange for food, “People sell all their basic household assets just to buy food. This is unsustainable and requires immediate action (solution).”

According to “NK News”, a website dedicated to North Korean news, Kim Jong-un’s last public appearance was on May 6, when he and his wife, Li Xuezhu, watched an art performance by military family members.

“NK News” said that Kim Jong-un’s recent absence may be part of his plan to avoid COVID-19. He may also be dealing with affairs or vacationing in his coastal mansion, where satellite images show an increase in activity in the area.

Kim Jong Un’s health is one of North Korea’s tightest secrets, known only by a few people in the country’s most powerful inner circle. The longest time he “disappeared” from the public eye was six weeks of invisibility in 2014. When he showed up, he had to walk with a cane, causing speculation that he might have gout.

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