Kim Jung-geun is also not vaccinated… ‘Controversy about not being vaccinated’ after Lee Ji-ae and couple were confirmed at the same time

Lee Ji-ae (40) and Kim Jeong-geun (44) MBC announcer couple, who were former announcers who were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), are known to have not been vaccinated due to an underlying disease, causing controversy.

Lee Ji-ae’s agency Steit Entertainment announced on the 2nd, “Lee Ji-ae was diagnosed with Corona 19 the day before and is self-isolating.” “Lee Ji-ae was not vaccinated because she had an underlying disease,” he said.

According to MBC, it was confirmed that Kim Jung-geun also did not receive the vaccine due to an underlying disease. He was about to get the first dose of the vaccine around September, but it is said that the hospital advised him to get it later. MBC explained, “Kim Jung-geun also tested positive for Corona 19 and is in self-isolation.

Some netizens criticized the couple for not getting vaccinated. On Lee Ji-ae’s SNS, “The underlying disease is like an excuse. I wonder if there is any evidence”, “No vaccine, no mask, no responsibility, will you cry for freedom while shouting?” Malicious comments such as One netizen said, “If you look at recent (SNS) posts, almost all of them are no-masks,” and said, “I understand the underlying disease, but the couple didn’t even vaccinate together and went out and filmed. Please show a little responsibility as a public figure.” .

In fact, on the 29th of last month, Lee Ji-ae posted a picture of her visiting a junior announcer’s house on her Instagram. “The younger brothers who want to give generously are dispatched ^^ We put the next day off to see each other when the Corona 19 situation improves, but steamy journalists who even submit PCR results, saying they are worried because they are at home with children,” he wrote. The post has been deleted.

Some argue that vaccination is a personal choice and freedom. One netizen defended the couple, saying, “If you have an underlying disease, it can be dangerous to get vaccinated.”

Lee Ji-ae and Kim Jeong-geun got married in 2010 and have one son and one daughter. Lee Ji-ae joined KBS as an announcer for the 32nd year in 2006. Declared as a freelancer in 2014, EBS 1TV ‘Parents’ is in progress. Kim Jung-geun joined MBC in 2004 as the 32nd announcer. He resigned in 2017, but rejoined MBC the following year. MBC TV ‘Live Broadcasting Pension Lottery 720+’, which the couple was running, will be in charge of another announcer for the time being.

Reporter Dayoung Kim



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