Kim Jung-young takes legal action against rumors of dating actress… My family is having a hard time too, I have no mercy


Actor Kim Jung-young (50) said he would take legal action against rumors spread through YouTube.

On the 22nd, Kim Jung-young’s agency SWMP said, “Recently, false information about Kim Jung-young has been circulating on YouTube. It’s making it difficult for the family,” it said.

He added, “We recommend that those who wrote messages and comments such as spreading false facts, defamation, malicious rumors and slander, and personal attacks be deleted immediately.

Recently, a YouTuber claimed that Kim Jung-young was an actress in her 50s who was sued for preventing marriage and special intimidation. On YouTube on the 15th,'[단독] The 27-year-old actress Kim Jung-accused affair and spontaneous” and uploaded a video.

Kim Jung-young is a former theater actor. Her husband is actor Kim Hak-sun (52). He made his mark with the drama ‘Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim’ Season 1 (2016), ‘Arthdal ​​Chronicle’ (2019), and ‘Eve’ (2022).

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