Kim Junsu “I didn’t think I’d even film a shower scene… I’m too shy” ‘Groom’s Lesson’

‘Groom’s Class’ (Photo = Provided by Channel A)

Junsu Kim and Youngtak Kim of ‘YB Line’ of Channel A’s new entertainment show ‘These days, Men’s Life – Groom’s Class’ shared their impressions of participating in ‘Groom’s Class’ as the protagonist of the observational entertainment.
Channel A’s new entertainment show ‘These days men’s life-groom class’ (hereafter ‘groom class’) is a real observational entertainment show where the cast, who are Korea’s representative ‘wannabe grooms’, receive the ‘groom class’ necessary for the present age and grow into handsome men and good adults. to be. Lee Seung-cheol, who is the ‘mentor’ of the prospective groom candidates, Kim Chan-woo, Kim Jun-su, and Young-tak are students of the groom’s class, and the ‘Hee Sisters’ Kim Won-hee and Hong Hyun-hee are the studio MCs who analyze their daily lives.
In this regard, Kim Junsu and Youngtak, the ‘youngest line’ of ‘Groom’s Class’, are raising expectations for the first broadcast by conveying their feelings and determination to participate in the observational entertainment. First of all, ‘Hallyu President’ Kim Junsu said, “I decided to appear on TV or on stage because I thought it would be a time when I could fill in the things I needed as a man and a human being,” about his first observational entertainment challenge with ‘Groom’s Class’. Contrary to the well-equipped appearance of the show, he’s easy-going in daily life, but I hope you enjoy seeing the new sides that you haven’t been able to show before.”
Junsu Kim then confessed his shyness, saying, “I was very embarrassed to even get up in the morning, ‘bruising’ and showering, and I thought, ‘Is it okay to go on the air?'” Lastly, he said, “I have a good feeling that I will be making new connections with Seungcheol Lee, Chanwoo Kim, and Youngtak who will be on the show.
Young-tak, who emerged as the ‘first son-in-law’ of his parents, said, “I’m turning 40 this year, and I feel like I’ve been living immaturely, so I came here to receive general life lessons.” In addition, he laughed, saying, “I have expectations that if human Park Young-tak is upgraded through ‘Groom’s Lesson’, it will actually be helpful when getting married.” Furthermore, Young-tak emphasized, “Although I am cautious about revealing my daily life, I am grateful to be able to communicate with fans in the form of a ‘real-bae-gi’ Young-tak.”
Regarding the breathing between the members, Young-tak said, “I had a relationship with (Kim) Junsu through the program, but after talking in earnest through ‘Groom’s Class’, we have a lot in common, so it feels like we have a ‘steamed younger brother’.” . He continued, “Seungcheol Lee, my senior senior, treats me very comfortably from the first meeting, and Chanwoo Kim, who is full of energy, relieves my burden just by being there. I wonder to what extent the production crew will ‘hook’ my daily life in the future.”
The production team said, “The combination of Kim Junsu and Youngtak, who formed ‘YB Line’ through ‘Groom’s Class’, will provide chemistry and hot teamwork beyond imagination with ‘OB Line’ Lee Seungcheol X Kim Chanwoo and Sanggeuk.” It will be an entertainment full of laughter and emotion, from exploring the diverse daily lives of the person to the process of growing up as a wonderful groom and man.”
On the other hand, Channel A’s ‘These days of men’s life – Groom’s Class’ will be broadcasted for the first time at 9:20 pm on the 19th.

By Shin Ji-won, staff reporter for Tenasia

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