Kim Kardashian gave a trip to her house on Instagram

As Vogue star star, Kim Kardashian West visited her Hidden Hills website, California during her "73 questions" interviews. When asked to describe his style, Kardashian West replied: "I would say it is a minimal ministry."

As West Kardashian walks through its own house, viewers can see a large bedroom, a square vane bathroom in the center, a long hall with arch ceiling and glass doors and a living room with an unbleached Steinway piano, according to Kardashian West.

Kardashian West explained some of the unique features of her house in Instagram's Story.

At first the bathroom is. Kardashian West says that the bathtub fits all our children, and there is a raincoat. "Because everyone has a little confusion about our bridges, I thought I would show you a little trip to our bathroom," says Kardashian West in his Instagram story.

She explains that eight versions of the sink prototype were made. In the story, viewers can see that there are two faucets there with no basin in them, while Kardashian West makes clarification on the counter "slope down."

When she turns on the faucet, the water turns into a slit. "You can put it on high pressure as you want and no splash will come back."

In her bedroom, Kardashian West shows a TV with a flat screen that rises from the hidden hidden on the floor.

She says it is "130-inch" in front of the bed.

In April 2018, a magazine reported that the house was worth $ 20 million. Kardashian West's mother, Kris Jenner, replied in Tweet: "WOW wrong again !! $ 60 MIL is her house."

Kardashian West recently announced that she wants to be a lawyer. She plans to do the bar exam in 2022 and register her with the California State Bar to study the law last year, according to her Instagram post.

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