Kim Kardashian Talks About Why He is 'Awesome'; Become a

Kim Kardashian Talks About Why He is 'Awesome'; Become a

It seems that Kim Kardashian's name is always in the headlines. Just over a decade ago no one knew her family until Kris Jenner had a meeting with Ryan Seacrest to talk about a small show called Keeping up with the Kardashians. Now, Mrs West and her siblings are some of the most famous faces in the world.

In a new interview, Kardashian talked about various topics including her sexual tape, her relationship with her husband, when she realized she did it, and how she is “awesome”.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian | Amy Sussman / E! Entertainment / NBCU Photo Bank

When she knew she had done it

When KUWTK debuted on the E! Network on October 14, 2007, no one could predict that the show in which a KarJenner clan will be hitting up as he did.

Kardashian spoke to New York about when she realized she had done it. However, the person who founded the KKW Beauty and her mother is different at that time. According to Jenner, he was in 2010 at the Super Bowl in Miami when they were not able to move anywhere without a dozen armed guard around them. Jenner said there were many famous people but no one wanted the security of her family.

While Kardashian looks back at the moment in Dubai when she knew.

“So I said 2010, 2011… We go to a sweet place in Dubai, thinking, Oh, it's just, you know, a small milk shop,” she said. “Perhaps over 250,000 people showed up to the Dubai Mall (The National reported that 3,000 people attended). I have never seen anything before. We were forced to reach the back. I mean, I took videos of thousands, thousands of people at the mall in Dubai. My mother and I looked at each other – because I made her come to me – and we were like, “Holy s ** t. What's going on? A milkshake where? ”

Kardashian admits that she has a good life

These days, Kardashian is married to Kayne West and has four children – North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. She also considered it to be a sex symbol and an impact on social media. Sometimes these labels can be difficult but on the whole, Kardashian considers it “awesome”.

“It can be complicated. I certainly see what I have given myself, ”she admitted. “The robbery is the largest. Just be flashy and too big my every move on social media. But I love my life. Someone told me the other day, ‘How are you?’ It's awesome. ”

What does she regret filming on ‘KUWTK’

After a long-running reality show, Kardashian was asked to regret some filming for everyone.

“I never regretted,” she said. “I never felt so grateful that all these memories are on camera. I will look back and think, ‘From my God, what am I spending? Why is my makeup so? # 39; I can laugh at it now: Oh my God, I was desperate! ”

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