Kim Kardashian West on her lawyer dreams: “My father would be my study partner” | Fun

Kim Kardashian West says her late father would be her “fellow student” as she trains to become a lawyer.

The 39-year-old reality star is currently attending law school in hopes of someday following in the footsteps of her late father, Robert Kardashian, who was a lawyer who famously worked as OJ Simpson’s defense attorney during his murder trial. of 1995.

Kim said she has always dreamed of being a lawyer like her father – who died in 2003 – and wishes he was still around to help her study for her bar exam, which she hopes to take in 2022.

He said, “He once said to me, ‘I think you’d be great. But I also think it’s super stressful and exhausting. So if you want a stress-free life, maybe don’t go on to law school.’ But he would have loved it, he would have been my study partner.

“I was always looking for her stuff, trying to go through her cases on the weekend when my sisters were trying to party and have fun and I couldn’t even understand why I wanted … I was so intrigued and so nosy.”

And Kim will have more time to study next year, as she recently revealed that her famous family will be finishing their hit reality show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Speaking about their decision to leave the show behind, Kim explained: “This was a dream of our own. We never imagined we’d go into Season 2. Now we’re at 20. Sometimes we just need a break. It really is. simple. .

“We just need a minute to regroup. You know, we haven’t had a hiatus for 14 years. We shot a season, then a spin-off and I think there’s no other way to put it than, we live such great lives. now we have children. And they need us. There is so much to do, even for just a minute we need a break. “

The SKIMS founder admitted it was an “emotional decision” and said she spent the whole weekend after the news was announced “crying”.

In an interview for Grazia magazine, he added: “It was honestly the most emotional day. The tears. I mean, I think I cried all weekend. I’ll probably get emotional now on the phone … It was just a real decision. exciting “.


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