‘Kim Ki-hyun’s 30-day National Assembly Suspension’ disciplinary bill approved by plenary session

150 votes in favor, 109 against, 9 abstentions

zoomKim Ki-hyeon, Representative for People’s Power

The disciplinary bill against Rep. Kim Ki-hyeon from People’s Power passed the plenary session of the National Assembly on the 20th. It was passed with 150 votes in favor, 109 against, and 9 abstentions out of a total of 268 votes. As a result, Rep. Kim was suspended from attending the National Assembly for 30 days.

The Democratic Party of Korea submitted a disciplinary action plan on the 4th for accusing Rep. Kim of obstructing the progress of the meeting by occupying the chair of the Legislative and Judiciary Committee at the time of enforcing the law ‘completely deprived of the prosecution’s investigation authority’. Rep. Kim sat in the chair of the Judiciary Committee on the 26th of last month when the Judiciary Committee Chairman Park Gwang-on was absent.

According to Article 155 of the National Assembly Act, if the chairperson or the chairperson’s seat is occupied, disciplinary action may be taken through a resolution of the plenary session without going through a review by the National Assembly’s Ethics Special Committee.

Rep. Kim made a personal statement before the vote. Rep. Kim, who appeared wearing a black suit, tie, and black mask, said, “I feel devastated at the scene where liberal democracy is being thoroughly trampled by some ignorant Democratic lawmakers who wear the guise of democracy and believe in majority violence in their hearts. sue,” he said.

He also said, “I tracked down the corruption gates in the development of Daejang-dong, a power type of candidate Lee Jae-myung, and informed the public in detail.

Rep. Kim said, “I will not beg humbly,” and said, “I would rather ‘exclude’ rather than suspend attendance for 30 days.” He also sniped, “The arrogant attitude of the Democratic Party of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to take such outrageous disciplinary action will face a greater national judgment.”

Reporter Yoo-kyung Jo, Donga.com polaris27@donga.com

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