Kim Ki-soo apologizes for using fake products, “It had an effect, but it was a rash… Get rid of everything” [종합]

(Export News Reporter Jo Hye-jin) Comedian and former beauty YouTuber Kim Ki-soo apologized for using counterfeit goods.

Ki-soo Kim uploaded a video titled ‘I am Ki-soo Kim’ on his YouTube channel on the 16th.

In the video, Kim Ki-soo appeared in black and bowed his head first. He said, “I carefully watched the video I posted and your comments from your perspective.”

He continued, “As a celebrity, I forgot that many people were watching me, and I acted and spoke rashly which made me feel like I was communicating with my close friends. I have been receiving so many malicious comments that I could not to distinguish between valuable feedback and malicious comments. I bow my head and apologize for using

Kim Ki-soo, who said, “All falsehoods have been disposed of,” said, “I will become Kim Ki-soo who does not disappoint with my rash words and actions. I will become Kim Ki -soo who knows humility and gratitude.”

He then said, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to look back on myself thanks to your feedback,” and “I apologize once again,” and the short video ended.

Earlier, Kim Ki-soo revealed a luxury bag during a live broadcast, but the bag was said to be fake. In addition, suspicions arose that there were counterfeit goods among other luxury items that Kim Ki-soo wore.

In addition, the photo released in the video introducing the body wash product was published on a blog in a hospital in Spain, and was also caught in a photo theft controversy.

Kim Ki-soo re-edited the video and re-uploaded it with the title, “I didn’t identify the source of the acne picture, so I re-edited it and uploaded it. I’ll be careful. It sorry for the confusion.”

Photo = YouTube Kim Ki-soo

Reporter Hye-jin Cho

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