Kim Kun-hee’s side “public interest reports don’t make sense” The Voice of Seoul and the courtroom workshop

Yoon Seok-yeol, the wife of the presidential candidate for People’s Power, Kim Gun-hee, and the YouTube-based online media ‘Voice of Seoul’ fought a battle over the transcript of the call in court.

Kim, who was virtually defeated in the injunction hearing on the ban on airing and distribution with ‘Open Sympathy TV’ the day before, claimed again that the transcript was made with the character of a political operation. The voice of Seoul protested that it was an oppression of freedom of the press. The hearing results will be released on the 21st at 2pm.

▲ Yun Seok-yeol, the spouse of the People’s Power presidential candidate, Kim Kun-hee. ⓒYonhap News

On the 20th, the Civil Agreement Part 51 of the Seoul Southern District Court (Chief Judge Kim Tae-up) held an interrogation period for Kim’s application for an injunction against broadcasting and distribution against Seoul’s Voice.

Kim’s legal representative said, “The recorded files were intentionally accessed by those with political purposes to induce questions and obtain answers.

A legal representative for Seoul’s voice said, “Reporter Lee Myung-soo revealed his identity and requested an interview. However, they are claiming this is a political operation.” He countered, “The reporter did not even exercise distorted editorial rights such as processing (recording files).”

Kim’s side reiterated the logic that emerged from the hearing with Open Sympathy TV on the 19th. He also emphasized that the Voice of Seoul is a medium that does not provide fair reporting.

Kim’s representative said, “This reporter has never revealed that he will be recording.” “If you watch the YouTube broadcast of Sound of Seoul, you can see that the claim that ‘there is no political bias and reports for the objective public interest’ does not make sense.”

The voice of Seoul protested and emphasized the importance of freedom of the press. He explained that this hearing is also a process in which Kim is exerting influence as she is the wife of a presidential candidate.

A spokesperson for Seoul Voice said, “As Kim is the spouse of the presidential candidate of the first opposition party, Kim has more weapons and is able to brief more, but he has even brought an injunction application like this.” “Kim’s claim should be dismissed.”

▲ MBC Exploration Planning Straight Episode 159, which aired on the 16th, 'Why is Kim Gun-hee?'  YouTube broadcast footage.  Photo = MBC Straight YouTube Channel
▲ MBC Exploration Planning Straight Episode 159, which aired on the 16th, ‘Why is Kim Gun-hee?’ YouTube broadcast footage. Photo = MBC Straight YouTube Channel

After hearing the opinions of both sides, the court requested additional data. The court said, “The decision of the injunction will be made at the latest by 2 pm on the 21st.”

Kim’s side has applied for an injunction against MBC, Open Sympathy TV, and Seoul Voice, saying that if the recording is released as it is, it will cause serious damage to the right to personality.

On the 14th, the Seoul Western District Court allowed the disclosure of most of the content except for the details of the Kim investigation and daily conversations unrelated to political views. In response, MBC broadcast a related recording through the investigative news program ‘Straight’. The Seoul Central District Court decided on the 19th that only the private life-related parts could not be disclosed, and the rest could be disclosed.




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