‘Kim’ leads 11 under to finish the 3rd round of Laguna Phuket Championship.

Saturday, December 4, 2021, 6:30 p.m.

Panupon Pittayarat and Phachara Kongwatmai made the total score equal to 10 under 200 after finishing the third round, chasing Kim Bio, leader from South Korea. Just one stroke in the Asian Tour Phuket Series 2021 “Laguna Phuket Championship” to win a total prize money of US $1 million or about 33 million baht at Laguna Golf Phuket, distance 6,770 yards, par 70. Phuket Province on 4 Dec. ago
The Asian Tour concludes the 2020-2021 season of professional golf after a 20-month hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. with two big shows two weeks in a row in Phuket And has been dubbed the “Asian Tour Phuket Series” starting with the Blue Canyon Phuket Championship at the Blue Canyon Country Club on November 25-28. past followed by the Laguna Phuket Championship at Laguna Golf Phuket between Dec 2-5, with both entries having a total prize pool of US$1 million, or approximately 33 million. baht. The champion will receive a prize money of up to 180,000 US dollars, or about 6 million baht, and then will go to the last two competitions in Singapore in January next year.
Finished the third round of the competition (4 Dec.) Pro Coconut-Phanupon Pittayarat, 28, from Bangkok. The 2018 Thailand Open champion held another 2 under par 68 from 5 birdies at holes 5, 9, 11, 14 and 17, losing 3 bogeys at holes 12, 15 and 18, scoring a total of three days of 10 under par. 200 is equal to Pro Petch-Pachara Kongwatmai, 22, from Songkhla, the owner of two champions of the All Thailand Golf Tour 2019, who can collect another 1 under par 69 from 4 birdies at holes 5, 6, 9 and 17. 3 bogeys at holes 10, 15 and 16 chased down Kim Bio, the first two-round leader from South Korea. just one stroke In this round, Kim hit too 1 over par 71, while Pro Tap Chanchok Detpiratanamongkol, 27 years old from Tak Province, hit over 2 over par 72, total score for three days, 8 under par 202, falling to the 4th place together with Prom Meesawad, Netipong Srithong and Zhang Yikun from South Korea.
Panupon Pittayarat said after the end of the third round, “Today is good, go out in the first round, minus two, the latter have 3 bogeys, 3 birdies, the condition of the green field is very good. The fairways are fine according to the rain we encountered. It’s very fun to play because of the strong wind. The bogie at the last hole did not disappoint. Golf is like this with some mistakes. As for the last day, they played the same. Try to keep the beat in the fairway. and give as much on-green as possible Then go win the putt. Shoulder injury mid-year in Japan It’s better now It remains only to wait for strength to return.”
Phachara Kongwatmai, second in the third round, said, “Today’s game overall was not bad but not very good. There was a good first round, 3 under, and then the second round came off the back hole. Lose bogey at hole 16, get birdie at hole 17 and the last hole misses birdie. Today’s weather is a little difficult because the wind is quite strong. And the flag position is quite difficult. With speed that it doesn’t rain and the green is faster. make putt harder but still accept Tomorrow is the last day to play normally. If the rhythm is ours Just follow that rhythm. Whoever is tougher than Birdy, belongs to that person.”



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