Kim Man-bae, the core of Daejang-dong, released … Do you have a truth fight with Yoo Dong-gyu and Nam-wook?

‘Lee Jae-myeong-Daejang-dong’ suspicion of collusion
The investigation can change quickly depending on the comments
Kim “I won’t tell you anywhere”

As Kim Man-bae, the main shareholder of Hwacheon Dae-yu, a key figure in the Daejang-dong gang, was released because the arrest period ended early in the morning of the 24th, attention is focused on a is the ‘revelation war’ continuing. Mr Kim, who was arrested and charged in November last year, has been investigated while imprisoned for a year at the Seoul Detention Center in Uiwang City, Gyeonggi Province. Until 0:00 on November 24 this year, the deadline for reservations ends. Yoo Dong-gyu, the former head of the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation’s planning department, and lawyer Nam Wook, who was released earlier than Mr Kim, revealed one after the other that Lee Jae-myeong, the leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, was involved in an incident Daejang-dong immediately after being released from prison.

Mr. Kim is accused of unfairly gaining profits from the Daejang-dong development project and causing more than 180 billion won in damages to the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation in the process. However, he kept his words, saying, “I will tell you everything in court,” through a statement distributed before release. He also said, “I will not interview any media, and I will not speak separately (about the incident) anywhere.”

Boss Jeon Yu and lawyer Nam allege that Lee recently provided the Daejang-dong gang with preferential treatment for the Daejang-dong and Wirye New Town development projects as a condition of receiving election funds. Attorney Nam attended the trial in Daejang-dong on the 21st after being released from prison and said, “I knew Mr. Kim’s share in Cheonhwa-dong No. 1 was Lee’s share.” He also claimed that “more than 400 million won were delivered to Lee during the 2014 local elections, when Lee challenged for re-election as Mayor of Seongnam.”

Given that former director Yu and attorney Nam said they had heard from Mr Kim about a significant amount of the disclosure, it is expected that the course of the investigation in Daejang-dong could change rapidly depending on what he said Mr. Kim. In particular, since Mr. Kim is a party to the dispute regarding the actual owner of Cheonhwa Dongin No. 1, his comments are very likely to be admitted into evidence. Cheonhwa Dongin No. 1 owns about 30% of the common stock (7%) of ‘Seongnam’s Garden’, a special purpose corporation (SPC) established for the Daejang-dong development project. Based on Yoo’s testimony and additional evidence gathered, the prosecution found that Kim Yong, vice president of the Democratic Research Institute, Jeong Jin-sang, head of the political affairs coordination office at the representative office of the Democratic Party, and Yoo, a former general manager, holding 24.5% (42.8 billion won after tax) of the 49% stake in Cheonhwa Dongin No. 1 owned by Mr. Kim They are believed to promise to share the . Mr. Kim has always insisted, “All the shares in Cheonhwa Dongin No. 1 are mine.”

A few months before the public offering guidelines of the Daejang-dong project were published (February 2015), the prosecution said that the Daejang-dong party received approval from CEO Lee and provided only a fixed profit of 182.2 billion won to the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, and the rest of the profits would be taken by private businessmen It is known that the circumstances of writing the business plan have also been examined and examined.

Correspondents Kim Jin-seong/Choi Han-jong [email protected]

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