‘Kim Mi-ryeo ♥’ Jeong Seong-yoon admitted, “I lived in abstinence for a year because of hair loss”

Money Today Reporter Lee Eun | 2023.03.29 09:15

/Photo = MBN’Rice Planting Club’ preview video

YouTuber Satire and actor Jung Sung-yoon share their hair loss concerns.

In MBN’s entertainment program ‘Rice Planting Club’, which airs at 9:20pm on the 1st, actor Jeong Sung-yoon, comedian Kim Mi-ryeo and his wife, YouTuber satirist Kim Seung- hyun, and model and actor Moon Soo- appear to share various hair loss concerns and related anecdotes.

On this day’s broadcast, Jung Sung-yoon, who has been losing hair for 17 years, reveals all the methods he has tried to prevent hair loss. He piques the curiosity of the cast with a unique experience of “I live a celibate life for a year.”

/Photo = MBN’Rice Planting Club’ preview video

Satire admits his hair loss experience, saying, “It’s a show I have to appear on” when asked why he appeared on “Rice Planting Club.” Along with this, he is surprised to reveal a picture of severe round hair loss.

As a newcomer to hair loss, Kim Seung-hyun expresses her concerns about gray hair as well as hair loss. Many people sympathize with them, worrying that they may have inherited their bald father’s hair.

On the other hand, ‘Rice Planting Club’, featuring Kim Mi-ryeo Jeong Sung-yoon’s couple, satire, and Kim Seung-hyun’s honest conversation, will be broadcast on MBN on April 1st at 9:20pm, and will be broadcast on LG HelloVision on the 2nd at 7:30 am and pm. .

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