Kim Min-hee “Facial paralysis, I lost weight up to 38 kg.. I thought I had a new disease”

[이데일리 정시내 기자] Actress Kim Min-hee tells the story of a life that was not easy.

In KBS2’s ‘Let’s Live Together with Park Won-sook’, which will be broadcast on the 6th, four Seon-nyeo (Park Won-sook, Hye Eun-i, Kim Cheong, Kim Young-ran) having a special day with Kim Min-hee is drawn.

Actress Kim Min-hee. Photo = KBS2TV

Among them, Kim Min-hee confesses that she has gone through all kinds of hardships since childhood. In particular, he confesses that he has been traumatized since filming a scene in which he and Kim Young-ran hit him in the rain. Kim Min-hee recalled that time and said, “I couldn’t breathe. Even now, I can’t go into the water,” and Kim Young-ran also sympathizes with “I have been traumatized all my life.”

Kim Min-hee reveals that the slump came at an early age because she started acting when she was young. Kim Min-hee confesses the difficulties of an early successful child star, saying, “There was nothing I wanted to do at one point.” The back door that even Park Won-sook was surprised when he made a surprise confession that it was thanks to Park Won-sook that he was able to overcome the slump.

Kim Min-hee says that when she was 27, she suffered from extreme mental pain. Kim Min-hee recalls, “When I was 27, I got facial paralysis and lost up to 38 kg.”

Kim Min-hee is shocked by the fact that she had symptoms of panic disorder and claustrophobia, but did not know the cause at the time and said, “I thought I had a new patient.”

On the other hand, how Kim Min-hee overcame her trauma can be seen on the 6th at 8:30 pm broadcast.



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