Kim Min-jae 21 wins against Napoli AS Roma full time… 4 wins in a row, chance to win

Kim Min-jae, active in 9 times of kicking… ‘0 effective shots’ tied the opponent’s top three

Kim Min-jae (27), the “monster defender” of the Korean national team, played full-time and led his team, Italian professional soccer Serie A Napoli, to four consecutive victories with his invincible defense.

Napoli, who widened the gap with second place, moved one step closer to winning the league.

Napoli defeated AS Roma 2-1 in the 2022-2023 Italian Serie A round 18 home match held at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples, Italy on the 30th (Korea time).

Napoli, whose 15-match league unbeaten run after the opener ended in the match against Inter Milan in the 16th round, continued its upward trend with four consecutive victories.

Leader Napoli (53 points), with 17 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, has a greater chance of winning as he widens the gap between second place Inter Milan (13 wins, 1 draw, 6 losses, 40 points) to 13 points.

Even if Napoli’s 4 consecutive defeats and Inter Milan’s 4 consecutive wins happen at the same time, this point difference cannot be reversed.

On the other hand, Roma (11 wins, 4 draws, 5 losses, 37 points) were competing with Lazio, Atalanta and AC Milan (38 points above), placed 3rd, 4th and 5th, maintaining 6th place without adding anything. points.

Kim Min-jae, who played as a central defender in sync with Amir Rahmani, also showed a waterproof defense this day.

Napoli's 'full-time Kim Min-jae', 2-1 win over AS Roma... 4 wins in a row, chance to win

According to, a football statistics site, Kim Min-jae recorded the most kicks 9 times across the two teams.

It is almost twice as many as Rachmanina and opposing central defender Chris Smalling (more than 5 times).

Kim Min-jae also had the highest number of shots in the shooting shirt category twice, and also made two successful tackles.

He also recorded a pass success rate of 93.2%, the highest in the team, and played an active role from the back.

The Roman top-three team, consisting mainly of Tammy Abraham, Paulo Dybala, and Lorenzo Pellegrini, who faced Kim Min-jae and Rahmani, struggled to just two combined shots.

Divila and Pellegrini each had the chance to shoot, but they did not make any effective shots.

However, in the 12th minute of the first half, Kim Min-jae accidentally faced a goal crisis of his own.

When Roma’s long pass flew into Napoli’s penalty box, Kim Min-jae overcame the competition and hit the ball in the head.

With the post empty as it progressed to the goalkeeper, the ball headed towards the Napoli goal post, and the defenders hurriedly ran to block their own goal.

Napoli's 'full-time Kim Min-jae', 2-1 win over AS Roma... 4 wins in a row, chance to win

Fortunately, the ball bounced on the ground a few times and did not lead to a goal as it missed just wide of the goal.

Five minutes later, Napoli’s Victor Osimen rattled the first net with a cool right-footed shot, forcing Kim Min-jae to forget his mistake.

Osimen scored the opening goal with an unstoppable shot after receiving Hvica Kvarachhelia’s cross from the left flank with his chest and then his knee.

Roma scored a comeback goal 30 minutes into the second half when a cross from the right flank hit the right foot of Stefan El Sharawi as he ran into the Napoli goal.

The balance of the tight game shifted to Napoli on 41 minutes of the second half when Giovanni Simeone scored the winning goal.

Simeone, who received a pass in the penalty arc, turned around immediately to create space to shoot, and hit the top corner of the goal with a strong kick with his left foot, driving a wedge.

Napoli's 'full-time Kim Min-jae', 2-1 win over AS Roma... 4 wins in a row, chance to win

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