Kim Min-jae’s ‘Super Save’… Hwang In-beom’s ‘No Look Help’

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Kim Min-jae and Hwang In-beom, who will join tomorrow, also put in impressive performances in their respective teams.

Defending champion Kim Min-jae on an away trip to AC Milan.

He ties up the opposition striker Giroud with his feet, head, and hair.

He didn’t spare any harsh tackles either.

Just before the end of the game where the team was leading 2-1, the last defense was the best.

The opposing header went towards the goal, but it was cleared with a kick stance.

Kim Min-jae, who managed to avoid the crisis, roared, and AC Milan legend Maldini grabbed his head and ran first, not only the goalkeeper, but also his teammates like Kim Min-jae.

With Kim Min-jae, who had the highest score in the team, Napoli also lead the way with an unbeaten run.

Olympiacos’ Hwang In-beom recorded his first assist since the transfer.

He helped open the scoring with a great no-look pass.

Would it be easy for both players to join the national team?

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