Kim Min-jae’s wife who had a car accident in Naples…”The victim was transferred to the hospital”

Kim Min-jae makes a heavy expression at the scene of his wife’s car accident. [사진출처 = 이탈리아 매체 일마티노]

Reports have emerged that Ahn, the wife of national team defender Kim Min-jae (SSC Napoli), was involved in a car accident in Naples, Italy.

‘Il Martino’, a leading newspaper in Naples, reported on the 1st (local time), “Kim Min-jae’s wife, Ahn, was in a traffic accident that happened on a street in Toretta, central Naples.”

A young man who was hit by Ahn’s vehicle was immediately loaded into an ambulance and taken to hospital. However, the exact cause of the accident and the extent of the injuries were not known.

The media had also attached a photo of Kim Min-jae making a rather heavy expression at the scene of the accident. The media said, “Ahn continues to be associated with bad incidents involving cars,” and “Last November, he had an accident when his vehicle was stolen.”

Calcio Napoli 24 said, “Ahn’s condition is not a cause for concern.” The media said, “Ahn was very surprised after the accident, but everyone calmed him down.”

Parantube, a sports media outlet, said, “The traffic accident involving Kim Min-jae’s wife did not lead to serious consequences, and Ahn’s condition was also said to be fine.” ” he said.

Kim Min-jae married Ahn, who is the same age as her, in 2020 and had a daughter in her arms the following year. After his marriage, he moved from the Chinese Super League to the Turkiye Super League to the Italian Serie A stage. In the first season, he receives the attention of the football world by leading the league championship, such as receiving the Serie A Player of the Month award in September 2022.

Specifically, on the 31st of last month, the Serie A Secretariat announced three candidates for the Serie A Best Defense Award in the 2022-2023 season through a social network service (SNS). Kim Min-jae was named together with his teammate Giovanni DiLorenzo (29, Italy) and Theo Hernandez (26, France) AC Milan. Kim Min-jae is the first Asian player to be nominated for this category.

Meanwhile, according to the football world, Manchester United, Newcastle United of the English Premier League, and Paris Saint-Germain of the French Ligue 1 are showing interest in him. The transfer fee is known to be between 44 million and 52 million pounds (about 73.7 billion to 87.1 billion earned).