Kim Nam-gil Unveils Exciting Plans for Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Thief: The Sound of the Sword’

Kim Nam-gil Hints at Strong Vision for Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Thief: The Sound of the Sword’

In a recent interview, actor Kim Nam-gil, known for his powerful role in the Netflix original film ‘Thief: The Sound of the Sword’, shed light on the possibilities for an exciting second season.

‘Thief: The Sound of the Sword’ is an action-packed drama set in the lawless land of Gando during the 1920s, where a diverse group of individuals join forces to protect their loved ones and their home. Kim Nam-gil brilliantly portrays the character of Lee Yoon, a former Japanese army leader who, after a life-altering incident six years ago, becomes the leader of a gang of thieves in Gando.

Kim Nam-gil’s exceptional acting skills, combined with the captivating backdrop of Gando’s mesmerizing desert landscape and thrilling action sequences, have garnered immense praise both domestically and globally.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to ‘Thief: The Sound of the Sword’, Kim Nam-gil expressed his strong desire for a second season. With the ninth episode and lingering narrative points serving as a solid foundation, there is the potential for a seamless continuation of the story.

During the interview, Kim Nam-gil revealed, “When I first discussed the series with the author, we deliberated whether it should be concluded in 12 parts or divided into segments. We will closely assess the production circumstances and environment, but there are still compelling narratives to explore, including Lee Yoon’s awakening and the perils faced by the village on his journey to find Hee-shin.”

The actor further added, “I am eagerly anticipating the resolution of the overarching story, which encompasses the plight of Lee Yoon, a warrior unable to defend his home, and the unresolved battle with Gwang-il. Personally, I find myself more excited for Season 2 than ‘The Fiery Priest’.”

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Kim Nam-gil, the hero of the Netflix original program ‘Thief: The Sound of the Sword’, presented a strong vision for season 2.

On the 26th, I met actor Kim Nam-gil, who played a strong role in the Netflix original movie ‘Thief: The Sound of the Sword’, at Cafe Poem Samcheong branch in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

‘Thieves’ is an action drama about people who come together to protect their precious people and their home in Gando, a lawless country where Chinese people, Japanese money, and Joseon people gathered in 1920.

Kim Nam-gil played the role of Lee Yoon, a leader who made a remarkable contribution during his time in the Japanese army, but after an incident six years ago led him to abandon everything and lead a band of thieves to Gando. Kim Nam-gil’s portrayal of Westin’s acting style, including Gando’s desert-like setting and shooting scenes, with its own exciting acting tone attracted great attention from domestic as well as global viewers.

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Thanks to the favorable reviews of ‘The Thief’, Kim Nam-gil showed a strong will for Season 2. In particular, based on the 9th episode and the narrative points that still exist, stories that have the potential to be directly connected anew.

Kim Nam-gil said, “When I first talked to the author, there was talk about whether it would be completed in 12 parts or divided into parts. “We will have to look at the environment and the production situation, but there remains a narrative to show Lee Yoon’s awakening, including the dangers the village faces in the process of going to see Hee-shin,” he said.

Kim Nam-gil continued, “I’m looking forward to the section where the overall story is resolved, including the story of Lee Yoon, a warrior who was unable to defend his home, as well as the unresolved battle with Gwang-il. “Personally, I’m looking forward to Season 2 more than The Fiery Priest.”

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