“Kim Sae Ron” works part-time at a coffee shop. after payment of compensation – breach of contract brand drunk driving case

Kim Sae Ron’s agency has confirmed that Kim Sae Ron used to work part-time at a real coffee shop. After the money ran out because they had to pay compensation for drunk driving. and fines per presenting brand

After rumors among Korean fans for a while, actress Kim Sae Ron’s agency, GOLDMEDALIST, has released an official statement regarding the rumor that Kim Sae Ron is working part-time at a coffee shop.

On November 3, a YouTuber uploaded a clip discussing rumors that the actress works part-time at a coffee shop. But none of her acquaintances knew where she worked. and what kind of store The YouTuber noted that too It couldn’t be so. There are also rumors that Mae Kim Sae Ron is working part-time to raise money for compensation, mediation and fines against brands. that she broke the drunk driving case agreement

On November 4th, Kim Sae Ron’s agency GOLDMEDALIST released a statement saying, “Kim Sae Ron was working part-time at a coffee shop. of her financial problems.”

Back on May 18, Kim Sae Ron was arrested for drunk driving. and the agency came out to explain briefly to confirm this news later the next day Kim Sae Ron posted a photo of a handwritten letter of apology to his personal Instagram, and Kim Sae Ron also confirmed that he is ready to pay all the compensation. after such an incident Kim Sae Ron stops all the work. And it was reported that she was visiting different companies. that the damage after what caused her to compensate for all the damage herself as well

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