Kim Se-young, who won the LPGA Tour, closely pursues the world’s No. 1 Ko Jin-young… 0.41 point difference

↑ Seyoung Kim / Photo = Yonhap News

The competition among Korean players to be ranked first in the world of women’s golf is fierce.

Looking at the women’s golf world rankings released today (24th), 25-year-old Ko Jin-young has been at the top position for 1 year and 4 months since the end of July last year.

However, Kim Se-young, the second place in the world rankings, 27-year-old Kim Se-young, followed Jin-young Ko closely by winning the LPGA Tour Pelican Championship, which ended yesterday (23 days).

In the world rankings last week, the difference between the ranking points of Jinyoung Ko and Seyoung Kim was 1.03. Jinyoung Ko scored 7.90 and Seyoung Kim scored 6.87.

However, Kim Se-young conquered the LPGA Tour, and in this week’s rankings, Ko Jin-young scored 7.79 points and Kim Se-young scored 7.38 points, narrowing the gap to 0.41 points.

Kim Se-young said in an interview after winning this tournament, “This year’s goal was to win the Tokyo Olympics gold medal, but as the Olympics was postponed to next year, we set the world ranking first as a new goal.”

Ko Jin-young has never participated in this year’s LPGA Tour, but was tied for 34th at the Pelican Championship for the first time.

In the LPGA Tour America Volunteers Classic, which will open on December 3rd in The Colony, Texas, only Ko Jin-young will participate, and Kim Se-young will not be present, so it is an opportunity for Ko Jin-young to widen the gap again.

Among the top 10 in the world rankings, five Korean players including Ko Jin-young and Kim Se-young, 5th place, 32-year-old Park In-bi, 9th place, 27-year-old Park Seong-hyun, and 10th place, 25-year-old Kim Hyo-joo, were named.

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