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Kim Seon-ho exploded again… “I ruined two academies. He was right, so I reported it.”

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Actor Kim Seon-ho is under suspicion of masquerading as marriage and encouraging an abortion. In the midst of this, controversy over his personality during his school days has been raised, causing a stir. Netizens who heard this fact cannot hide their shock.

This incident was revealed like a saga by Kim Seon-ho in a media interview with his own mouth. At the time of the interview, Kim Seon-ho worked as a theater actor in Daehak-ro, Seoul. It was the so-called ‘before the opening’ situation.

Kim Seon-ho / Salt Entertainment’s Instagram
Childhood Kim Seon-ho's photo / Here's Kim Seon-ho's Instagram
Childhood Kim Seon-ho’s photo / Here’s Kim Seon-ho’s Instagram

On the 19th, a post titled ‘An anecdote of Kim Seon-ho that he was a mischievous in school days’ was uploaded to the community on the 19th and drew attention. Here was an interview with Kim Seon-ho conducted by ‘Within News’ in December 2016. At that time, Kim Seon-ho appeared in the Daehangno play ‘Voice of Millennium’. (View full interview)

The media asked the question, “If you could condense your childhood, elementary, and middle school years into one word?”

Kim Seon-ho said, “I was innocent when I was a child. I remember when I was 3 years old. It was the first and last time the whole family went to play. I remember seeing a large doll while watching a procession in Yeouido. When I was in elementary school, I was a child who needed attention. He said, “I am the only son and passive, so I didn’t know how to get close with my friends. So I was very playful. I think it was because I needed attention.”

He continued, “When I was in middle and high school, I was a naughty person. I ruined both academies. (Laughs) Back then, tutoring was illegal, so I was tutoring at an art academy, but I didn’t want to take classes, so (I) blocked the door so the teacher couldn’t come out, so the teacher was on the second floor. There was a time when he jumped from a school. He didn’t want to be hit, so he threw a stick on the roof of another house. He later caught it. There were 30 sticks on the roof of another house. I got hit so many times, I finally reported it. ‘I’m teaching illegally here’ ‘ he confessed with a smile.

The details of the interview were not well known. Kim Seon-ho, born in 1986, is 36 years old this year. He made his debut in the play ‘New Boeing Boing’ in 2009.

Kim Seon-ho
Kim Seon-ho

Netizens stuck their tongues out at Kim Seon-ho’s self-disclosed anecdote from his school days.

On the 19th, netizens commented, “This isn’t a joke… No, why are you saying such a thing”, “It’s crazy… that you said that with your own mouth”, “You ruined other people’s livelihoods and laughed at what you did well”, ” It was a real shock that the teacher jumped,” and “the image of goodness was too much.” (View all comments)

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