Kim Seon-ho “Han Ji-pyeong, a character like a Christmas present… I try not to be excited” [인터뷰]①

Actress Kim Sun-ho. (Photo = Salt Entertainment)

[이데일리 스타in 김보영 기자] “I think it will be remembered as a year when I received too much love as an actor. I don’t know if it’s because Christmas is shortly left, but I guess there’s Santa Claus somewhere.”

‘Mello’s Eyes’,’Sub-Ball Inducer’,’The Mainstream’,’Yepo’ (Entertainment Posiraegi),’Sun Dingyi’.

These are the modifiers that decorated actor Kim Sun-ho in 2020.

tvN weekend play’Startup’ recently ended. With the above modifiers, Kim Seon-ho won the attention and love of many viewers through this drama to the extent that he was evaluated as the best beneficiary of the play. At the same time, KBS2’s ‘1 Night 2 Days’ Season 4, which has been continuously appearing since December of last year, is responsible for laughter of viewers with a charm full of twists and turns that cannot be seen in the drama.

Kim Seon-ho, who recently conducted a written interview with reporters at the end of the’Startup’, expressed his regret about the interest and attention he is receiving now by saying, “It seems like it is just too undeserved for me.”

“If it’s long, it’s so meaningful to be able to work with the work of’Startup’ for a short time,” he said. “It was so good that the people we worked with were able to finish with laughing until the end.”

Theatrical EXO → Super-fast heyday in 3 years

In’Startup’, Seonho Kim captivated women’s hearts by playing the roles of talented man Jipyeong Han, who is called’Geumson’ of the investment world and’Gordon Ramsay of the start-up industry’. In particular, with a special relationship with the grandmother of the female protagonist Dal-mi Seo (played by Bae Soo-ji), Won-deok Choi (played by Hae-sook Kim), and expressed the unrequited love of the long-legged uncle and the bleak narrative who became Seo Dal-mi’s letter friend 15 years ago.

“Where are you and now you have appeared”, “For the first time, I was handed over to a sub soldier”

These are the reactions seen by viewers who first encountered Kim Seon-ho through’Startup’.

Kim Seon-ho, who debuted with the play’New Boeing Boing’ in 2009, actually gained fame in Daehak-ro, being called’Exo of the theater world’. He appeared only on the theater stage for 8 years, and appeared through media acting through the 2017 KBS2 drama’Daejang Kim’. Since then, he impressed viewers with’Hundred Days’ and’Urachacha Waikiki 2′. It was in its prime.

When asked about the feelings of leaving the’startup’ that made his life work, Kim Seon-ho said, “The production crew and actors are all good people, so I was able to happily finish the work without any difficulty.” It feels very unfortunate to me, and I regret that I can’t meet Jipyeong. It was an honor to be able to live as a person named’Hanjipyeong’.”

His choice of’Startup’ is largely influenced by the author Park Hye-ryun who wrote this work. Kim Sun-ho said, “I was a longtime fan of writer Park Hye-ryeon. I enjoyed watching’I hear your voice’ so much, and I also enjoyed’Pinocchio’ too.” I enjoyed watching’Doctors’ and’Hotel Del Luna’ so much that I wanted to work together. Looking at the script, the writing was very pretty and beautiful. The book was so fun that I thought it would be great if we could be together, but I am really grateful for the opportunity to be together.”

Ji-pyeong Han in the play is a character who grew up safely into a good adult by receiving generosity and care from Choi Won-deok, a time when he had to face a difficult society by independence from an orphanage before becoming an adult. He has earned fame and wealth by being self-made only with his talents, and despite his nickname of’Gordon Ramsey of the investment world’, he has a warm and honest insider enough to give Choi Won-deok the nickname’Soon Ding’.

When asked about Han Ji-pyeong and her own synchro rate, Kim Seon-ho said, “I think it’s about 50%. Like Ji-pyeong, you can’t speak cold to others well, really good house? I don’t have a good car, but since I was acting by a person like me, I wonder if half of my appearance was buried.”

Actress Kim Sun-ho. (Photo = Salt Entertainment)

A lot of care and love, thankful and careful

Regarding the end of the drama, the love of horizons did not come true, he said, “It was okay if it could have been achieved, but I was lucky that it was not achieved,” he said. “It was not regrettable that Dosan-i and Dal-mi had a relationship,” he said. “Rather, Jipyeong-i took great courage to tell Dosan where Dal-mi’s heart was heading, and it was good because he decided to become a helper until the end.” Also added.

Regarding the interest and love of many viewers with this character, “The main characters Dalmi and Dosan, actors Suzy and Nam Joohyuk led the play well, so I also looked good at it, and I think I saw a lot of the benefits.” Showed humility.

He said, “I have a lot of feelings of being burdensome and careful,” he said. “But I am still grateful to those who support me.” However, he said, “I think a lot about the praise,’I shouldn’t be excited.’” He said, “Thank you and enjoy, but don’t be excited. Anyway, the path I have walked, the path I have to walk, and the life I have lived are the same, so I have to walk as it is.’, I have to enjoy a little and come back to my original position, and I have to stand well in the position of an actor. So I practice harder in play. He also emphasized his belief that he is trying not to lose his center.

‘Startup’ seems to be remembered as a gift-like drama to him this year.

Kim Seon-ho said, “It is a great happiness and I am very grateful that someone recognizes the efforts I made to play the character of’Hanjipyeong’. It’s like a Christmas gift that I received as a surprise, and there is no Santa Claus. I knew, but it turned out that there was a real Santa Claus, so I received a gift, and I feel like that.”

To the question of whether it was difficult to combine with the fixed entertainment ‘1 Night 2 Days’, a wise answer was returned, saying, “I am trying to put different attitudes between acting and performing arts.”

Kim Seon-ho said, “In ‘1 Night 2 Days’, I want to put down a little bit of seriousness and weight and enjoy the nature that can only be felt in the travel destination, and the fun with the members.” “This year, I met a good work as an actor, and ‘2 days 1 night ‘I think I will remember it as a year of hard work as a member.’

“Next year, I want to reach out to the public as a more comfortable actor. Wouldn’t we be making good works with someone more advanced than now?”



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