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Kim Seon-ho is back… Mask advertisement revival “No contract cancellation”[이슈픽]

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▲ Mi Mask re-released Kim Seon-ho’s advertisement video. mimask ad capture

representative of mimask
“We must embrace Kim Seon-ho’s apology”
“I have no intention of canceling the contract.”

The advertising industry, which changed the image of actor Kim Seon-ho to private, is turning around.

On the 28th, Mi Mask, a mask brand that featured Kim as its main model, switched to the public advertisement video of Kim on its official YouTube channel on the 28th.

On the 20th, the brand made all videos of Kim Seon-ho uploaded to the official YouTube account private. Currently, on the official YouTube channel, Kim’s advertising making film has also been re-expressed.

Regarding the reason for resuming the advertisement starring Kim Seon-ho, who was embroiled in controversy over his privacy, Mimask said, “It is also important to embrace Kim’s apology.”

Kim Hee-seong, CEO of Mi Mask, said, “When the Kim Seon-ho controversy became an issue, one side of the story came out, and I thought it was not something to be judged hastily. We were in a position to wait until we heard the company’s position,” he explained.

He continued, “I took the advertisement down as a sign that I was taking a neutral stance from the standpoint of an advertiser, not an individual, but I thought this was also a biased expression.”

CEO Kim said, “I thought it was a great courage for Kim Seon-ho to humbly admit and reflect on his mistakes. I also thought it was important to embrace it,” he said.

Mi Mask re-released Kim Seon-ho's advertisement video.  mimask ad capture

▲ Mi Mask re-released Kim Seon-ho’s advertisement video. mimask ad capture

“We have to embrace Kim Seon-ho’s apology…if there’s no damage, it’s a lie”

Mi Mask said that after the controversy arose, there was no separate position or contact from Kim’s side, including his agency. Of course, there is no contract termination.

CEO Kim said, “It is a lie to say that there is no damage after the issue occurs.

Earlier, on the 17th, an article titled ‘I am accusing the double and blatant reality of the popular actor K’ was posted on the online community Nate board on the 17th.

The author revealed, “Not only the aftereffects of the breakup, but also the emotional and physical trauma caused by human actions such as having to erase a precious child, and demanding unilateral sacrifice because of sensitivity whenever working under the guise of marriage.”

Soon after, Kim Seon-ho was named as the K-actor, and he remained silent on the 20th, saying, “I hurt him with my negligence and thoughtless action.”

The author later said, “I got an apology from him (Kim Seon-ho), and it seems that there was a misunderstanding. I hope that information that is different from the facts will no longer be revealed or that my or his story will not be reproduced.”

The retail industry took down all advertisements featuring Mr. Kim and started a quick ‘stop loss’.

Actor Kim Seon-ho.  Provided by Salt Entertainment

▲ Actor Kim Seon-ho. Provided by Salt Entertainment

However, on the 26th, the entertainment media Dispatch reconstructed the process of meeting, parting, and revelation related to the recent controversy under the title ‘Kim Seon-ho, 12 Distorted Truths’.

In particular, the real name of Mr. A, who posted the revealing article, was revealed. Kim found out about Mr. A’s divorce after they started dating, and said that they broke up in July last year because of Mr. A’s lies, but they started dating again.

He also said that the abortion was done by agreement, and that Kim healed a painful wound and boiled seaweed soup for two weeks.

With the revival of Kim Seon-ho’s video, attention is also being paid to about 10 brands such as Domino’s Pizza, 11st Street, Shinhan Mica, La Roche-Posay, Food Bucket, and Canon Korea, which went on ‘stop loss’.

These companies did not reveal their position on the deletion of advertisements, but it is interpreted as a measure to avoid damage to the brand image caused by Kim’s privacy controversy.

Kim Seon-ho’s appearance has been re-released in the advertising world, which is very sensitive to consumer opinion and trends, and is concerned about damaging the brand image just by mentioning the real name of the exclusive model. As a result, the broadcast industry, who decided to expel him starting with the advertising industry, is watching the public opinion and is wondering whether the position will change.

By Kim Chae-hyun, staff reporter [email protected]

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