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Kim Seon-ho is hard to change, the worst response is stuffed [홍세영의 어쩌다] : Sports Donga

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If trust is low, what good is the identity of the revealer? Kim Seon-ho dreams of a change in the controversy surrounding his personal life, but it’s a no-brainer.
Earlier, netizen A posted an article about actor K on the community bulletin board under the domestic portal site on the 17th. A, who claims to have been in a relationship with actor K, said that he was forced to have an abortion by actor K. The article quickly took over online, and actor K turned out to be Kim Seon-ho.

The problem is with this process. Reports of mentioning his real name poured in, but Kim Seon-ho and his agency Salt Entertainment remained silent. On the third day after the revelations were posted, they only made a useless position, saying that they are ‘checking the facts’. After that, the position was released four days after the revelations were published. He seemed to be in a position to admit most of the revelations.

First, through an official statement, Salt Entertainment said, “We apologize for causing concern to many people due to Kim Seon-ho’s personal life. We apologize to the many people who have been disappointed and harmed by this incident. I apologize once again for causing concern with an unfortunate incident.”

Kim Seon-ho also said, “I sincerely apologize for the delay. Not long ago, an article with my name was published, and I am only now writing about the fear I am experiencing for the first time. I met him (the revealer) with good feelings. In the process, I hurt him with my negligence and thoughtless behavior. I wanted to meet him in person and apologize first, but now I can’t deliver a proper apology and I’m waiting for that time.”

Kim Seon-ho said, “First of all, I want to sincerely apologize to him through this article. I’m sorry for disappointing everyone who believed in me and supported me until the end. Because there were always people who supported me, I was able to stand as an actor named Kim Seon-ho, but I forgot about that. I apologize for causing trouble to many people and all the people involved in the production because of my lack of me.”

Kim Seon-ho said, “I want to sincerely apologize to everyone who was hurt. I know that the frivolous writing will not reach the hearts of many people, but I am conveying my sincerity at least this way. I’m really sorry,” he apologized again and again.

Investigator A also opened his mouth again. Person A said, “I am sorry that my writing has caused unintentional damage to many people. There was a time when I and him (Kim Seon-ho) both loved me sincerely, but I also feel bad for him (Kim Seon-ho), who collapses in an instant due to some of my radical writing. I got an apology from him (Kim Seon-ho), and it seems that there was a misunderstanding. I hope that information that is different from the facts will not be revealed any more, or that the story of me or him (Kim Seon-ho) will not be enlarged and reproduced. My heart is heavy because I think this incident has caused a lot of damage to many people.”

The situation seemed to have been sorted out in this way, but people who were aiming for a reversal appeared. An unknown netizen claimed to be Kim Seon-ho’s acquaintance and repeated the disclosure and withdrawal. Here, Dispatch, a media specializing in tracking personal life, revealed the identity of the revealer A, revealing the usual behavior of Mr. A. Kim Seon-ho is a lover and a victim, not the unscrupulous person that A claims to be. In particular, Mr. A’s behavior was often problematic. In addition, a podcast audio file that goesssips about Mr. A was also released through the YouTube channel.
Kim Seon-ho’s fans, holding their breath, wanted to be at this time, so they started the ‘salvation movement’. The only crime for Kim Seon-ho is that he met Mr. A, the ex-girlfriend who is the leaker. weird. He speaks as if someone forced Kim Seon-ho to date Mr. A. Even in the original Dispatch report, Kim Seon-ho broke up after making an issue with Mr. A’s behavior. It was Kim Seon-ho who forgave Mr. A. No one was forcing it.
If so, how about the response that Kim Seon-ho and Salt Entertainment showed after this revelation? It’s not my business, but the industry insiders, who are rolling their feet, remained silent for a while as if they were not thinking at all. Not for a day or two, but after three days, he made a statement saying, ‘We are checking the facts’. On the fourth day, there was no word about the direction of the work, and it was only at the level of apology.
Due to the nature of the entertainment industry, trust between people is important. Many people come together to create one content and work hard for it. In such a place, the way Kim Seon-ho and Salt Entertainment showed coping methods was at the level of ‘I can’t understand’. Even if you don’t intend to leave the industry, you are reacting too late. No matter how deep and thoughtful you are, you can’t say ‘checking the facts’, creating a situation where everyone has to look at phone calls, text messages, and mobile messengers.

What’s the point of sharing the identity of ex-girlfriend A when trust is so low? It was Kim Seon-ho who first chose Mr. A and started dating, and it was Kim Seon-ho who broke the trust of the industry by responding late when a problem broke out. In this matter, Mr. A’s identity is not important. Anyway, Kim Seon-ho was in every situation and choice. Kim Seon-ho is not a victim, but an assailant to industry officials with entangled interests. This fact does not change.
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