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Kim Seon-ho University alumni’s revelations were false… abruptly deleted

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Kim Seon-ho (Photo=Salt Entertainment)

[이데일리 스타in 윤기백 기자] Netizen A, who claimed to be an alumnus of actor Kim Seon-ho, was abruptly deleted.

Earlier, on the 21st, in an online community, an additional revealing article titled ‘I am a K-actor college alumni’ was published. As of the 23rd, the post has been deleted. When you click on the post, a message appears saying ‘Posts that have been deleted or do not exist’. It seems to have been deleted after the agency Salt Entertainment and another university alumni consistently stated that the article was groundless.

Writer A, who introduced himself as a college alumni of Kim Seon-ho (actor K), mentioned his personality problem, and said, “I was about to explode,” and “Why did he come so late?” ” he asserted.

Person A also said, “The current image of a healthy and good actor, the K actor I know, is the opposite of that image.” In addition, he has a temperament that is angry, and he even claimed that he tried to use abusive language or even punch others when others did not agree with his opinions.

In response to this, Salt Entertainment said on the 22nd, “The disclosure of the online community by a netizen who claimed to be Kim Seon-ho’s college alumni is groundless.” Another netizen who claimed to be Kim Seon-ho’s college alumni said, “Kim Seon-ho is not that kind of person.”

On the other hand, on the 17th, Kim Seon-ho faced a privacy controversy as an online community article titled ‘I am accusing the double and shameless reality of the popular actor K’ spread. The author of the article, B, revealed that he had been dating K, a popular actor, since 2020, and claimed that he had a child with him in July of last year, but he had no choice but to delete the child due to the conciliation and encouragement of actor K. After that, actor K’s attitude toward himself became cold, and after a month of thinking, he revealed that he was unilaterally informed of the breakup over the phone. In the process, claims were made that the identity of the K actor who appeared in the article was Kim Seon-ho, and Salt Entertainment, including Kim Seon-ho, acknowledged the controversy through an official position and issued an apology after being silent for about three days after the controversy occurred.

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Kim Seon-ho said through his agency, “I met him with good feelings. In the process, I hurt him with my negligence and thoughtless actions.” Ex-girlfriend B also accepted his apology and said that they had an amicable agreement, and deleted the previous exposure.


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