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Kim Seon-ho’s advertisement revived in controversy over ‘Abortion Advice’… “There is no company claiming a penalty of 5 billion won”

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Mi Mask Ad Model Actor Kim Seon-ho / Photo = Mi Mask Official Instagram

Several companies that had taken down Kim Sun-ho’s advertisements due to controversy over privacy, such as suspicions of abortion, resumed his advertisements, and it was predicted that Kim Seon-ho would not pay the penalty.

Yesterday (28th), the mask company Mi Mask re-released Kim Seon-ho’s advertisement video and photos on its official YouTube and official website.

Camera brand Canon and health food company Food Bucket also exposed Kim Seon-ho’s advertisement again. Previously, more than 10 companies deleted posts related to Kim Seon-ho’s privacy controversy.

In addition, it was predicted that Kim Seon-ho would not pay an advertising penalty.

Yesterday (28th), former entertainment reporter Lee Jin-ho said on the YouTube channel ‘I know that there is no company that has charged Kim Seon-ho with a penalty for the live broadcast of the behind-the-scenes entertainment president Lee Jin-ho.”

Mr. Lee thought that the penalty would be large because Kim Seon-ho learned the trend and received at least 5 billion won in advertising fees, but the advertising officials said differently.” Normally (to pay a penalty), it is necessary to cause a social scandal with a crime. “Most of them ask for a penalty only for clear crimes,” he said.

Photo = YouTube capture of Lee Jin-ho, president after dating

Then he said, “The fact that the advertisement featuring Kim Seon-ho was taken down from the channel was a preemptive measure as a matter of trust.”

On the other hand, on the 17th, an article was posted on an online community about an actor who ordered an abortion under the guise of marriage and announced the breakup under the title, ‘I am accusing the double and blatant reality of the popular actor K’.

The author is still in a state of severe mental and physical trauma due to human actions that not only caused the aftermath of the breakup, but also made him erase his precious child, and demanded unilateral sacrifice for being sensitive whenever he worked under the guise of marriage.”

Netizens pointed out Kim Seon-ho as a K actor, and Kim Seon-ho issued a statement a few days later and made an official apology.

At the time, Kim Seon-ho said, “I am writing this post because of the fear that I experienced for the first time after an article with my name was published a while ago. First of all, I want to sincerely apologize to him through this article.”

Among them, the online entertainment media Dispatch raised new suspicions about Kim Seon-ho’s ex-lover B. Dispatch also claimed that Kim Seon-ho did his best, such as boiling seaweed soup for two weeks after Mr. B’s abortion, and even met Kim Seon-ho’s parents.

Here, messages of support from Kim Seon-ho’s drama staff and child actors, and another drama staff ‘Kim Seon-ho’s frequent appearance made the filming atmosphere uncomfortable, and there are conflicting claims about Kim Seon-ho.


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