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Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend 4 months after abortion… Lee Jae-hoon and Drunk Dance… YouTuber allegations

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What is your relationship with Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend, Lee Jae-hoon?
YouTuber Lee Jin-ho claims “Visiting an entertainment establishment with Lee Jae-hoon”

Kim Seon-ho / Photo = Salt Entertainment

A YouTuber claimed that ex-girlfriend A and cool Lee Jae-hoon, who exposed Kim Seon-ho’s private life controversy, were caught at an entertainment establishment in a pub on Jeju Island.

On the 29th, Mr. Lee posted a video titled ‘Cool Jae-hoon Lee and Seon-ho Kim’s ex-girlfriend?’

Mr. Lee said, “You can ask what Lee Jae-hoon has to do with Kim Seon-ho. While covering Lee Jae-hoon’s violation of the Corona virus quarantine rules, on November 18, 2020, at midnight, I saw a video of a karaoke-type pub in Jeju Island. “he explained.

Mr. Lee said, “The image of Jae-Hoon Lee is not included in the video, but the voice of singing ‘Aloha’ is included. Instead, the image of a woman dancing with excitement was caught, and this woman was Kim Seon-ho’s former woman. Friend A,” he claimed.

Lee said, “There were more than five people present, including Lee Jae-hoon, other celebrities, and Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend A.”

Mr. Lee claimed that Mr. A was dating Kim Seon-ho at the time and said, “The time when Mr. A said that he suffered pain (imsil interruption) at the time of the first exposure was in July or August, and this video is four months after that. It was said that it was a painful and difficult time, but in the video, he looked quite bright.”

On this day, Hankyung.com tried to contact Lee Jae-hoon’s agency, EM Company, but was unable to reach him.

Previously, Mr. Lee also became a topic of discussion by revealing Mr. A’s ex-married life. He claimed that he had a deep relationship with three men within three weeks, claiming that he had obtained a transcript of a man believed to be Mr. A’s ex-husband.

The controversy over Kim Seon-ho’s personal life began with an article posted on an online community on the 17th. A claimed that he and K actor (Kim Seon-ho) had been dating until 4 months ago, and that the actor demanded a unilateral sacrifice under the guise of marriage, and insisted on an abortion when he announced that he was pregnant. He also revealed that actor K promised to get married after the work was over, but after the abortion, he erased his traces and changed a lot.

Kim Seon-ho apologized four days after the controversy broke out, saying, “I met him with good feelings, but my negligence and thoughtless actions hurt him.” Mr. A also accepted the apology and said that there was a misunderstanding.

Recently, the entertainment media Dispatch reported that Kim Seon-ho and Mr. A were pregnant with a child and had an abortion, but the ex-lover’s claim was partially distorted, causing controversy. In the process, a KakaoTalk was released that contained the content of Kim Seon-ho’s concerns about the behavior of Mr. A, who did not talk to him even though he had a seat with another man while meeting him.

By Kim Ye-rang, reporter at Hankyung.com [email protected]

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