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Kim Seon-ho’s ‘Startup’ Seoul Drama Awards Hallyu Drama Excellence Award… Han Ji-pyeong Station’s ‘Character of the Year’

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Seoul Drama Awards

[인사이트] Reporter Kim Jae-yu = Han Ji-pyeong in ‘Startup’, played by Kim Seon-ho, was selected as one of the characters of the year at the ‘Seoul Drama Awards 2021’.

The ‘Seoul Drama Awards 2021’ was held at the MBC public hall in Sangam on the afternoon of the 21st.

The event was hosted by actress Park Eun-bin and ASTRO Cha Eun-woo, and was conducted non-face-to-face due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19.

On this day, at the ‘Seoul Drama Awards 2021’, three drama characters who shined in Korea for a year were selected.

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The first protagonist was Ahn Eun-young in the Netflix drama ‘Health Teacher Ahn Eun-young’, played by Jung Yu-mi. Jung Yu-mi was highly praised for perfectly portraying the role of Ahn Eun-young, who fights the jelly monster that threatens children.

Next, the role of Han Ji-pyeong in the tvN drama ‘Startup’ was selected as the Cupid of Love. Han Ji-pyeong is a tragic character who gives his granddaughter Seo Dal-mi (Suzy) her first love, which does not exist, to repay her grandmother who saved her when she was young, but eventually falls in love with Seo Dal-mi.

The last protagonist was Hyunsoo in the Netflix drama ‘Sweet Home’. As a reclusive loner, he impresses as a monster hero who survives the constant temptation of monsters and saves people.

On this day, the drama ‘Startup’ also received the honor of receiving the Hallyu Drama Excellence Award.

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Meanwhile, Kim Seon-ho has recently been embroiled in a controversy over having an ex-girlfriend to have an abortion under the pretext of marriage.

On the 20th, three days after ex-girlfriend A’s ex-girlfriend A posted on the online community on the 17th, Kim Seon-ho said, “I hurt him with my negligence and thoughtless behavior. I want to think.”

On the same day, Mr. A said in the revelation posted on the 17th, “I received an apology from him. It seems that there was a misunderstanding with each other.” An additional article was posted.


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