Kim Seong-tae, who sent 8 million dollars to North Korea, “Lee Jae-myeong’s visit to North Korea and the price of smart farm business”

Former Chairman Ssangbang-wool, Statement at the Prosecutor’s Office
He also acknowledged the fact that I spoke with CEO Lee.

Rejection of this “new novel by the prosecution”
Democratic Party “We did not promote a visit to North Korea

Former Ssangbangwool Group Chairman Kim Seong-tae testified in a prosecution investigation that “a total of 8 million dollars was distributed to North Korea, and this was for North Korea’s Gyeonggi-do smart farm support project and for Lee’s visit Jae-myeong, who was then the governor of Gyeonggi-do, Democratic Party of Korea.”

According to the legal community on the 31st, the 6th Criminal Division of the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office (Chief Prosecutor Kim Young-nam) believed that former Chairman Kim had delivered a total of 5 million dollars to North Korea on two occasions in January and November 2019, which has been investigating the background. After the arrest investigation, former chairman Kim has been claiming that it is ‘a price for the business rights of economic cooperation with North Korea’ for a while. When the prosecution presented the relevant data, it is known that he disclosed the details of the additional payment and the reason for it.

As for the purpose of the payment, former chairman Kim said the 5 million dollars given in January and April were ‘costs for North Korea’s Gyeonggi-do smart farm support project’, and the 3 million dollars transferred was in November expenses for the President. Lee’s visit to North Korea, then governor of the province It is known that it was declared with the intention of

Lee Hwa-yeong, a former peace vice governor in Gyeonggi-do (listed under arrest), announced six exchange and cooperation projects agreed with North Korea in October 2018. One of them was to designate one farm in the Hwanghae-do region as smart farm (an agricultural and forestry complex pilot farm), and Gyeonggi-do participated in the improvement project.

In this regard, North Korea asked Ssangbangwool to cover the cost of the project, saying, “Support 5 billion won instead of Gyeonggi-do,” and in the end, former chairman Kim said he complied.

At the time, former deputy governor Lee announced an exchange and cooperation project agreement with North Korea in 2018, and also announced the possibility of a governor’s visit to North Korea within the year. In fact, in May 2019, the following year, Gyeonggi-do reportedly sent an official letter to North Korea’s Chosun Asia-Pacific Peace Committee requesting an invitation to visit North Korea.

In this regard, the North insisted that ‘money is needed for President Lee’s visit to North Korea’, and former Chairman Kim gave over 3 million dollars in exchange for the visit. It is known that former chairman Kim also made a statement to the effect that he heard that ‘Deputy Governor Lee Hwa-young reported everything to the provincial governor’ regarding transactions with North Korea.

In a recent investigation, former Chairman Kim is reported to have also admitted to speaking with Lee on the phone, saying, “Deputy Governor Lee Hwa-young has changed me while talking to the provincial governor,” in a meeting with figures North Korea in China in January 2019.

Regarding the suspicion that the Ssangbangwool Group sent $3 million to North Korea as money for his visit to North Korea while he was the governor of Gyeonggi Province, Lee dismissed it as “a new novel by the prosecution.”

The Democratic Party’s Dictatorship Prosecution and Political Prevention Committee said in a statement, “The prosecution’s claim is an absurd novel that has not even confirmed the basic facts.” The countermeasures committee said, “Since the collapse of the North Korea-US summit in Hanoi in February 2019, inter-Korean relations have been strained in the second half of 2019.” I asked back.

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