Kim Soo-mi, after reuniting with Norma Kim Tae-jin, who became an oriental doctor, surprise “Director of two oriental clinics” (president’s name)

I was surprised when Soo-mi Kim reunited with Tae-jin Kim, a child actor from ‘Jeonwon Diary’ who became an oriental doctor.

In TVN STORY’s entertainment program ‘The Chair’s People’, broadcast on the night of March 20, Kim Tae-jin, who previously appeared as a child in ‘The Country Diary’, made a surprise appearance.

At that time, Lee Gye-in was preparing dinner while cleaning the rockfish he had caught. Kim Tae-jin, who played the role of Noma, Lee Gye-in’s son in ‘The Country Diary’, also helped his father.

Kim Soo-mi, who reunited with Kim Tae-jin, was surprised and said, “Are you really Noma?” In response, Lee Gye-in said, “I became an oriental doctor. I was surprised because I was in a corner room.”

Kim Tae-jin presented a health pill he made himself to Soo-mi Kim, and Soo-mi Kim said, “How did you become an oriental doctor? I will take the very good medicine made by Mr. Norma.”

Kim Tae-jin is the director of two eastern clinics. Kim Soo-mi asked, “I was very pretty in ‘The Country Diary’. How old were you?”

Kim Tae-jin said, “I did that until the 6th grade in elementary school and came off when the role of the child turned into an adult.”

Lee Gye-in said, “I’m strong because I have Norma,” and told Kim Tae-jin, “Give me medicine (for Kim Soo-mi),” causing laughter.

iMBC Entertainment News Photo
iMBC Entertainment News Photo
iMBC Entertainment News Photo

Meanwhile, ‘Chairman’s People’, which is broadcast every Monday night at 8:20pm, is a program that features the rural lives of first generation national actors who made small screens cry and laugh 20 years ago.

iMBC Lee So-yeon | Screenshot tvN STORY

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