Kim Sook “I have hundreds of billions of energy this year… You don’t have to be lucky in love” (‘Vivo TV’)

picture explanationKim Sook. picture| ‘VivoTV’ YouTube Channel

Comedian Kim Sook (48) revealed his fortune for the year 2023.

On the 2nd, on the YouTube channel ‘Vivo TV’, ‘Financial luck this year is the best. A video titled, “Sook has won 100 billion!” was posted.

On this day, on ‘Vivo TV’, “Kim Sook was chosen as a star who was far from dating luck in the year of the cat in the KBS2 entertainment program ‘Year-round Plus’. What do you think about saying don’t you have any luck in dating?” came in a listener’s question.

Song Eun-yi then teased Kim Sook by adding, “There’s also an article saying ‘Kim Sook has no love luck this year’.”

Kim Sook said, “You don’t have to have love luck. In fact, love luck is not important in my life. Since he hasn’t been there for a long time, it’s even more surprising if he suddenly says that he has a lot of luck in love.

When Kim Sook attacked Song Eun-yi, saying, “I don’t think even my sister will have any luck to find,” Song Eun-yi said, “I’ve never had fortune, but I won’t say that. I have no luck in love. She expressed her confidence, saying, “There will be more love luck than Kim Sook.”

Kim Sook was amazed, saying, “Not long ago, I saw a New Year’s fortune on JTBC’s entertainment program ‘Tokpawon 25:00’, and they say I have hundreds of billions of energy.”

When Song Eun-yi sniped, “Isn’t he too low compared to that?” I’ll be in Hawaii,” he replied, drawing a laugh.

At the same time, Kim Sook spread her happy imagination, saying, “I will give 100 million won to the employees of ‘Vivo TV’ for now.”

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