Kim Tae-oh succeeded in reappointing DGB Finance Chairman… As a candidate for president-elect

[이데일리 김유성 기자] The DGB Financial Group Chairman Candidate Recommendation Committee held a meeting on the 11th and recommended current Chairman Tae-Oh Kim as the final candidate for the next DGB Financial Group. Chairman Kim will be re-elected at the regular shareholders’ meeting in March next year.

Tae-Oh Kim, Chairman of DGB Financial Group (Provided by DGB Finance)

The Huichu Committee was highly praised for the fact that DGB Financial Group faced a serious business crisis when Chairman Kim took office as the group chairman, and that Chairman Kim overcame it. Upon taking office, Chairman Kim improved the corporate governance structure, the starting point of the crisis, and introduced a CEO training program. It was also recognized for its diversification of the group’s profit structure, which had been biased toward Daegu Bank through the successful acquisition of Hi Investment & Securities, while securing the foundation for future growth by accelerating digital and global business.

Hoechuwi also considered the presentation of the group vision by Chairman Kim. Chairman Kim accelerated his entry into Indochina while increasing profits based on efficiency.

On the other hand, the Huichu Committee decided to start management succession from September 23rd according to internal regulations. On the 27th of last month, Kim Tae-oh, current chairman of DGB Financial Group, Lim Seong-hoon, president of Daegu Bank, and Yoo Gu-hyun, former CEO of Woori Card, were selected as final candidates.



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