Kim Wan-sun, Bruno and Yeosu trip… From YouTube filming to couples misunderstanding – Reporter Hyojin Kim

Kim Wan-sun went on a trip to Yeosu with Bruno.

On the afternoon of the 19th, Kim Wan-sun posted several photos on his Instagram along with the words “Travel to Yeosu with friends.”

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Kim Wan-sun’s Instagram

In the published photos, Kim Wan-sun, Bruno, and makeup artist Taeyang, who went on a trip to film Kim Wan-sun TV, are contained.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments, “Are you dating?” and “Are you two dating? Aren’t you?”

Previously, Kim Wan-sun and Bruno appeared together on SBS ‘Burning Youth’, which aired in 2020.

Kim Wan-sun, born in 1969, is 54 years old, and Bruno, born in 1978, is 45 years old.

On the other hand, Kim Wan-sun is reporting his current situation through the YouTube Kim Wan-sun TV channel.
Reporter Hyojin Kim

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