Kim Yeo-jung “not satisfied with Security Council discussions”, remarks ‘without advance notice’ to IMO

The Vice Minister of the Workers’ Party of North Korea, Kim Yo-jong, announced the position that the UN Security Council discussed the launch of North Korea’s military reconnaissance satellite as a unique agenda, calling it “an insult and a distortion of the spirit of the UN Charter. ”

Deputy Minister Kim said through the Korean Central News Agency today, “I am very dissatisfied that the Security Council addresses North Korea’s exercise of its sovereign rights as often as the United States wants to do. ”

Along with this, North Korea protested that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) adopted a resolution condemning North Korea’s missile launch for the first time in history, and presented a position that it could not notify the IMO in advance even if it launches satellite in the future.

KCNA said, “Since the International Maritime Organization responded by adopting an anti-DPRK ‘resolution’ to our satellite launch advance notice, we will consider this as an expression of the organization’s official position that our advance notice is no longer necessary. ”


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