Kim Yeo-jung “Sooner or later, a reconnaissance satellite will enter space orbit and fulfill its mission”

Kim Yeo-jung, the vice minister of the North Korean Workers’ Party, criticized the United States for condemning the launch of a North Korean military reconnaissance satellite and announced that it would continue to promote the satellite launch.

According to the Korean Central News Agency, Vice Minister Kim issued a statement titled “No one can deny our sovereign right to launch a satellite” today (1st) and said, “Launching a military reconnaissance satellite belongs to the right to self-.defense is the United States’ It clearly reveals its anti-Republican constitutional animosity.”

He also argued that “If a satellite launch is to be condemned, it must be condemned, starting with the United States and every country that has already launched thousands of satellites.”

In particular, he emphasized, “I am sure that military reconnaissance satellites will enter space orbit right in the near future and begin to carry out missions.”


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