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“Kim Yeon-kyung is a swindler who guides you through the pain… She cried while crying ‘bread’ in surgery”

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Kim Yeon-kyung is cheering. news

Kim Jin-goo, director of Myongji Hospital, the attending physician for Kim Yeon-kyung (33, Shanghai, China), the ‘volleyball queen’ who put the Korean women’s volleyball team on the Olympic quarterfinals, said, “It was a sad patient that I had no choice but to support and watch.”

Director Kim is one of the nation’s leading experts in the field of knee joint, specializing in sports injury treatment. Kim Yeon-kyung has had three knee surgeries in the past.

On the 4th, after Kim Yeon-kyung’s victory over Turkey in the women’s quarter-finals of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics volleyball team, Kim Yeon-kyung posted on her Facebook, “(Kim Yeon-kyung) is a scammer who keeps shouting on the court without ever giving a hard or painful tee. (It boosts the morale of the players^^)” He said, “In a word, he is a player who is fearful and respected by the players of the opposing team because he has no gaps.”

He said, “I first saw her in the clinic 15 years ago at the age of 18, a rookie player who had just graduated from high school. She was a freshman with an annual salary of 50 million won.” recalled.

He continued, “I prescribed medicine and wrote a strong opinion so that I could take a break. It was recommended that I do at least 6 weeks of rehabilitation to avoid serious injuries.” It was not just playing, but because of that one player, it felt like women’s volleyball, which was not popular, was rising into a popular sport,” he added.

Jin-goo Kim, director of Myongji Hospital. [사진 명지병원]

Jin-goo Kim, director of Myongji Hospital. [사진 명지병원]

In 2008, when Kim Yeon-kyung had surgery, he said, “It seemed difficult to digest the national team’s forced march, but I decided to cheer because it would give me another strength.” .

However, he said, “But a few days later, she appeared in the clinic.” “The MRI showed that the medial meniscus in the right knee joint had ruptured and a small lump was hanging in the knee. “The surgery was inevitable,” he recalled.

“The problem is that the club gave up on the national team and wanted to have surgery now, and the players were burning with the responsibility that Korea could advance to the finals only if they had them,” he said. Kim Yeon-kyung’s answer was simple and decisive.”

Player Kim said, “Oh, you have to run. I’m a player… I’m a Korean player. Athletes have to play. It’s always like that when you’re sick.” Kim Yeon-kyung had to give up qualifying for the Beijing Olympics due to knee surgery in 2008, which Kim said.

Director Kim said, “I still remember the simple words of this player. She is simple and not ignorant. She is smarter than anyone and has a faster brain. And she is more professional than anyone else.”

She continued, “In the end, she cried out ‘bread bread’ so that she could not hear herself, and she shed tears like chicken poop quietly and really quietly, and then signed the consent for surgery. “I’ve never seen anyone to blame,” he added.

He said, “Kim Yeon-kyung’s shoulders were heavier than ever. But now we are seeing a great impression.” He said, “Unbelievable fighting spirit.”

Director Kim said, “I will support you to do your best until the very end. The result is already irrelevant” and “I will spare no applause for Kim Yeon-kyung, who may be the last national team match.”

Correspondent Ko Seok-hyun [email protected]

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